How To get Rewards From PUBG And Dead By Daylight Collab

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Dead By Daylight's collaboration with PUBG: Battlegrounds is an interesting one, considering that the latter isn't a horror franchise. This also marks the first time DBD has ever banded together with a non-horror game. To celebrate this, there are a ton of rewards for the players who are interested in these games.

While the rewards are enticing, the things you need to do to get your hands on them are quite tricky. You'll also have to do some pre-requisite tutorials on PUBG if you haven't played it in a long time, which can be frustrating because of the amount of time it takes.

How To Complete PUBG Training Quickly

In this collab, things are quite easy on Dead By Daylight's side, but most of the things you need to do are in PUBG itself. The first step is to head over to steam and search for PUBG: Battlegrounds in its store. The game is free, and you'll have to download it which can take a lot of time since it's huge.

Once your game is ready, open it up and you'll see Basic Training written on the bottom-left of your screen when you're in the main menu. Click on the Play button below it because it's necessary to finish this training before you can work on unlocking the rewards. Here's everything you'll need to do in this session:

  • Walk around and Sprint using the buttons shown on the screen, and then climb over any item using the Jump button. Once you're done with this, you can head over to the next place marked with a blue arrow.
  • The next step is to learn how to use guns. You can pick up an M416 and its attachments from the table on your right. Now, you'll have to shoot at the target marked with the arrow while you're in the ADS mode ten times. Your shots don't count if you hold the ADS button. You have to press it so you see through the Red Dot Sight that you picked up.
  • After this, head over to the next area where you simply have to pick up one of the throwables and throw it anywhere in the area marked by the arrow.
  • Run over to the next part to heal up using the First-Aid Kit and pop an Energy Drink and a Painkiller. To end the training, you'll have to revive a downed teammate inside a shed.

Once the basic training is done, you'll be greeted by the frustrating part of this collaboration. When you head back to the menu, you'll see that you need to play ten matches against AI because the developers thought that it's necessary to do that before someone can start playing normal games.

It'll take you hours if you try to play these games, but there's a trick that can help you skip 90 percent of it. If you win your first match against the AI, the game thinks that you're good enough for public games, and doesn't ask you to play the rest.

Thankfully, the AI in this game is easy to fight against, and you'll have to try hard if you want to lose a battle against them. They'll reveal their location to you and give you plenty of time to kill them.

If you're new to PUBG or FPS games in general, here are a few tricks you can use to win the first game:

  • Don't land in one of the main areas near the path of the airplane. If you want to go to one of them, try to fly to one of the farther ones. This will allow you to have fewer combat interactions.
  • Loot every house you can before moving ahead, but also keep an eye on the white circle on the map. The blue zone will slowly shrink the map into this white circle and being in the blue zone damages you over time.
  • Pile up a lot of Energy Drinks and Painkillers. You need these to take your health over 75 percent, and the chance of getting them from the bots you kill is notoriously low.

How To Get The Collaboration Rewards

After finishing the training by following the procedure above, you can start working on your reward quests. The first thing you need to do is click on the PUBG X Dead By Daylight Mission Event dialog box which will be visible at the top-right of your screen in the main menu.

This will take you to an external page that's made specifically for this event. Once you've dealt with the cookie popup, you'll see a giant red button that says "Start Mission". You need to press on this before doing anything else because you won't get the progress for rewards otherwise.

After doing that, head back into the game and select the game mode in the middle right of your screen. Invite the friends you want to play with and click on the Start button. This will queue you into a game that works slightly differently than an actual Dead By Daylight game.

In PUBG's version of Dead By Daylight, you'll select the role you want to play after you get into the game with three other people (a total of four people instead of five). For most of the rewards, the outcome of the game doesn't matter, and the rules to select your role are:

  • If all four people select Survivor, then one of them will be randomly chosen as the Killer.
  • Alternatively, if more than one person selects Killer, one of them will be chosen as the Killer at random and the others will have to play Survivor.

You need to play five rounds and get a total of ten kills while playing Killer to get all the rewards shown above. The nurse mask is the only reward where the outcome of your games matters, and you'll have a hard time getting to play Killer in this mode anyway.

There is a bug where your first game doesn't count for the progress of these rewards. This means that you might have to play a total of six games.

If you want to win as Survivor or Killer in this mode, and you've never played Dead By Daylight, here are a few basic tips:

Survivor GameplayKiller Gameplay
  • Your main objective is to finish repairing the Generators and activate the Exit Doors to escape. The number of Generators required decreases if the game starts with fewer Survivors.
  • At the start of the trial, you'll get a random item from a Med-kit, Toolbox, Stun Grenade, and Smoke Grenade. You can also loot these items from Chests highlighted to you when you don't have any.
  • When the Killer is chasing you, use the window vaults and pallets around you to waste as much time as you can.
  • If the killer puts someone in the locker after catching them, you need to rescue them as soon as possible.
  • As a Killer, your main objective is obvious. You have to eliminate all the survivors before they get to escape your trial.
  • There is only one Killer in the game, and he has two types of weapons including a rifle and a machete. You have to reload the rifle at a locker when you run out of bullets.
  • If you down a Survivor, you can also place them inside a locker, which is the equivalent of a hook from DBD.
  • Lastly, you get special grenades that you can place anywhere you want, and they can be detonated by the press of a button at any point. If the survivor is in the detonation radius, they lose one health state.

How To Redeem Cosmetic And Charm In Dead By Daylight

Once you've acquired the Dwight cosmetic after playing one game of the DBD game mode in PUBG, you'll be able to claim that cosmetic in Dead By Daylight. To do this, head back over to the webpage of the collaboration through PUBG's main menu, and scroll down until you see the rewards.

If you've fulfilled the requirement, there will be an option saying "Claim Reward" at the bottom of the Dwight cosmetic card. Click on it and copy the code at the top of the new dialog box.

Now you can close PUBG and open Dead By Daylight. Head over to the in-game store from the main menu to find the Redeem Code option at the top-right of your screen. You can only see it when you're in the featured tab of the store.

  • Click on the option and paste the code you copied to get the Dwight cosmetic upon redeeming.
  • Once that is done, write "WINNERWINNER" in the box and redeem it to get the exclusive Pan charm during the event period.

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