How To Increase Your Maximum Stamina In Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

When it comes to daily farm life in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, nearly everything you do will consume stamina. Your stamina meter is displayed on the top left of your screen as a series of hearts at all times. All that farm work takes its toll, so those hearts slowly begin to deplete, and eventually, your character will pass out from exhaustion.

You can eat food or grab a shower to regain a small amount of lost stamina, or even eat a salad to temporarily boost your maximum stamina gauge. However, there are a few ways to permanently increase your maximum stamina, allowing you to get even more tasks done each day. Here’s every way to increase your maximum stamina.

Shrine Blessings

The easiest way and most obvious way to increase your maximum stamina gauge is by purchasing blessings at the Shrine in the north of Olive Town. This feature becomes available once you have collected 100 Follower Sprites (the strange little white creatures that pop out of the ground as you do various tasks).

You can purchase three different stamina upgrades from the shrine, and each blessing adds an additional two hearts, resulting in a total of six new hearts altogether.

Digging for Sprites Mini-Game

The next way to increase your maximum stamina is far more secret, as it’s not exactly advertised beforehand. You need to get a high score in the Digging Sprites mini-game (55+ points) and then you will be rewarded with an additional two hearts being added to your stamina gauge.

The Digging Sprites mini-game is located on the Beanstalk Island special location, which becomes available once you have collected 60 Follower Sprites.

Mining Frenzy Mini-Game

The final way to increase your maximum stamina is also rather hidden. This time it involves achieving a high score in the Mining Frenzy mini-game, which is unlocked by navigating to the final floor of the second mine.

This mini-game is more difficult than the last, as you can’t really achieve the high score you need without putting a number of upgrades into your tools. It is easily achievable when your tools are at a gold level.

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