How To Master Haggling In Potion Craft

In Potion Craft, you are playing as an alchemist running your own shop! There's nothing quite like making your valuable customers happy with a potion you crafted with your own two hands.

As a business owner in a small town, you'll need to learn one essential skill: how to haggle like a pro. This guide will cover that mechanic in detail and give you a bunch of tips and tricks to master it!

The Basics: How To Haggle

When purchasing or selling almost anything, you can haggle on the price. You'll be presented with a slider covered in golden boxes. Once you start haggling, you want to click the 'Haggle' button when the sliding indicator is on the golden boxes. If you click it while the indicator is on the green box at either end of the bar, haggling will end. Haggling will also end if you reach the maximum possible discount or the maximum possible penalty.

Haggling with customers (not with vendors) will also impact your popularity. It costs a little popularity to haggle, so you want to make sure the increased price will be worth it.

Once you click on the haggling dialogue option, you can't change the items being traded or decide not to haggle without upsetting the NPC and being forced to take the worst possible price. In the case of customer NPCs, your popularity may also take a more significant hit.

Haggling Difficulty Levels (Topics)

You can alter the difficulty of haggling for a chance to get a better reward. However, if you mess it up, there's also a more significant penalty.

The difficulty levels are represented by the topic of conversation you chose to bring up. Increasing the difficulty will result in a faster slider and smaller boxes. It's worth noting that, while backing out of haggling or changing the deal will upset the NPC, it doesn't upset the NPC to check all the difficulty levels and choose one, so be sure to do your due diligence.

Maximum Possible Discount

Maximum Possible Penalty


Very Easy















Purchased as a talent for 5 points

Very Hard



Purchased as a talent for 10 points

Tips And Tricks

  • Haggle with the vendors more often than the customers, because it won't harm your popularity and, if you purchase a lot of ingredients, you'll get a more significant discount anyway
  • Invest in all the Trading talents before the higher difficulty levels for Haggling because that increase is more valuable
  • Even if you want to pick a higher difficulty level, never choose a topic that doesn't have at least one or two large golden boxes; they're worth more
  • The speed of the slider is tied to your framerate, so you can go into the settings and intentionally limit it to make haggling easier
  • Practice haggling on potions that are less expensive, to minimize losses, but, once you learn it, try to haggle on more expensive potions to get more money in exchange for the popularity decrease
  • Since the game autosaves each night, players often play it much like Stardew Valley, where you always quit after a day is over, but Potion Craft allows you to save anytime; that means you can save before a risky haggle and try it again if it goes poorly

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