How To Play With Wattson’s Buffs In Apex Legends

Wattson has had a life-changing buff in Apex Legends recently. The queen of defense has finally received a buff that complements her style and substance, and she now regenerates shields at a slow pace. A slow pace it may be, but this small adjustment makes Wattson a far, far more appealing choice when building your teams to play in Apex Legends. I almost regret putting her at the bottom of our Apex Legends character tier list. Almost.

Wattson’s shield regeneration ability makes her far more appealing, and it should change how you play as the character, at least slightly. She can be a bit more aggressive now, and can complement your team play a bit better, rather than being a character that excels exclusively in the final few rings and in high-level competitive play.

For everything you need to know about playing as Wattson in Apex Legends with her fancy new buff, just read through our tips below, and keep reading TheGamer for all you need to know about Apex Legends.

How To Use And Abuse Wattson’s New Buff In Apex Legends

Wattson’s passive ability in Apex Legends, Spark of Genius, previously only allowed her to get a big boost from Ultimate Accelerants. A single use of one would refill her ultimate gauge, essentially allowing her to use her Interception Pylon in almost every engagement she comes across.

Now she’s been buffed, so on top of that nice factor, she can also carry two Ultimate Accelerants in a single bag slot, and she passively regains shield HP over time, even when far away from her Interception Pylons. Lovely, and potentially gives her the ability to be much cockier when in battle.

This small buff makes Wattson a much better long-range player. For example, when poking out of hiding from a high perch and shooting opponents with a nice sniper rifle. If Wattson does get tagged she can rest assured that she’ll heal up fairly quickly, and even if you’re low on heal items, like Shield Cells, Wattson will still be able to operate at full charge, especially if one of her ultimate pylons are nearby.

The best part of this buff is that it hasn’t taken anything away from what Wattson had prior to the patch. It’s true that Wattson’s shield regeneration happens fairly slowly, at half the rate that Octane restores health, but that makes sense as Octane’s ability drains his health, and is used often. Nothing, except bullets, takes away from Wattson’s shield HP, making this nothing but a plus.

If you’re outside of engagement, it’s even a good way to save on using heal items, as you can share larger Shield Batteries with your team, and then keep the smaller Shield Cells for yourself, safe in the knowledge that the last chunk of your shield HP will likely recover by itself if you leave it for a time.

Thanks to all of these minor factors, it means Wattson is a darn good pairing to go with a Sentinel sniper rifle. It can be charged and buffed for extra damage with Shield Cells, which Wattson doesn’t need so badly anymore, and complements her game plan of popping out from behind cover at a distance.

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