Hydra Captain America Might Be Coming To Marvel’s Avengers

Despite a far rockier first two years than Square Enix expected, the Marvel's Avengers train keeps rolling. That train may well include one of the best-looking Captain America outfits added to the game so far. The Avenger's Hydra suit which he first wore in Secret Empire.

The leak that Cap' might be getting a new suit comes from Miller. Miller has been pretty spot on with Avengers leaks in the past, so it seems likely this skin will eventually be added to the game. No word yet on when exactly that might be , but it will likely come with its own shield.

That's not the norm for new outfits in Marvel's Avengers, but it makes sense here. Steve Rogers' red, white, and blue shield wouldn't really fit with his Hydra look. For those of you who haven't read Secret Empire, yes, there is a corner of Marvel's comic book universe where Rogers reveals himself to have been a sleeper agent for Hydra all along.

That has got some people still playing hopeful that the ongoing story might be about to get a big twist. Despite the reveal that the game's next update will introduce a villain-focused warzone, plus The Winter Soldier, that seems unlikely. The villainous entity in Avengers has always been AIM, and it seems unlikely that its story would quickly pivot to Hydra with very little warning.

There is a connection between the in-game Cap' and his sleeper agent alter ego, though. A tweet published more than a year before the game launched revealed one of the hero's unlockable outfits was inspired by the same Secret Empire storyline in which Rogers dons his Hydra armor. The only bad news is if the outfit does arrive soon, you'll have to cover up Cap's abs .

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