I Was A Teenage Exocolonist: How To Unlock And Use The Gym

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I Was A Teenage Exocolonist has plenty of gameplay features, including several perks earned by increasing your stats. For example, increasing your Empathy points grants access to the Spa in the Living Quarters. Unfortunately, one feature, the Garrison Gym, was not functional when the game first launched.

Fortunately, the Gym is now open after I Was A Teenage Exocolonist's first patch went live in early October. Now, instead of discarding low-point cards at the Spa, players can opt to exchange kudos to increase their value at the Gym. Ready to get physical? We'll walk you through how the Gym works below.

How To Unlock The Gym

The Garrison Gym is a perk earned by reaching Toughness level two (66 Toughness points). However, while there are plenty of activities to develop other physical traits, like Combat or Perception, only a handful develop Toughness. Furthermore, only two childhood memories will equip your character with Toughness points.

Childhood Memories That Add Toughness Points

Anemone's friendship and Security Chief Rhett's sportsball are the only two memories that will directly add Toughness points. However, choosing the Super Strength I genetic enhancement will boost your Toughness and Combat point gains in future decisions.

Genetic EnhancementSuper Strength IEffect: Adds one extra point to Toughness and Combat stats
Childhood FriendAnemone
  • First Playthrough: +10 Toughness, +10 Combat
  • Following Playthroughs: +5 Toughness, +5 Combat
Fourth Birthday PresentA Sportsball From Security Chief Rhett+5 Toughness

Places Where You Can Earn Empathy Points

While the Gym is a Garrison feature, you'll earn more Toughness points investing in Hydroponics. This facility has two Toughness-increasing activities: Shovel Dirt and Work On The Farm. Plus, both jobs have significant kudos payouts, which you can use to buy gear that will increase the success of Toughness challenges, thus rewarding more points.

However, if your stress is high, you're better off spending what's left of your attention playing sportsball with your friends at the Garrison.

Shovel DirtHydroponics
  • Finish your first day of school and talk to your parents
  • Skills: +3 Toughness
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Cal
  • Kudos: +5 Kudos
  • Stress: +15 Stress
Work On The FarmHydroponics
  • Shovel Dirt at least once
  • Must be at least thirteen years old
  • Must have at least twenty Biology points
  • Skills: +2 Biology, +2 Toughness
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Cal
  • Kudos: +10 Kudos
  • Stress: +10 Stress
Play SportsballGarrison
  • Talk to Anemone
  • Skills: +2 Bravery, +1 Toughness
  • Relationships: +1 Friendship with Anemone
  • Kudos: None
  • Stress: +10 Stress

How To Use The Gym

You'll have an easy time using the Gym if you've patronized other deck-adjusting facilities, like the Spa in the Living Quarters. In short, you will choose which card you want to buy or upgrade, then confirm your decision. You may only buy or upgrade one card at a time.

Cards You Can Buy

You can buy three base-level memory cards from the Gym:

CardSuitValuePurchase Price
GigglingSocial (Yellow)010 Kudos
WonderingIntellect (Blue)010 Kudos
CrawlingPhysical (Red)010 Kudos

Cards You Can Upgrade

After buying one of three base-level cards from the Gym, you can upgrade them up to three times. Address the table below for upgrades and prices.

CardSuitValueUpgrade Price
Giggling >>> First WordsSocial (Yellow)0 >>> 120 Kudos
Wondering >>> DiscoveringIntellect (Blue)0 >>> 120 Kudos
Crawling >>> First StepsPhysical (Red)0 >>> 120 Kudos
First Words >>> DeducingSocial (Yellow)1 >>> 250 Kudos
Discovering >>> NegotiatingIntellect (Blue)1 >>> 250 Kudos
First Steps >>> RunningPhysical (Red)1 >>> 250 Kudos
Negotiating >>> CommandingSocial (Yellow)2 >>> 4100 Kudos
Deducing >>> InnovatingIntellect (Blue)2 >>> 4100 Kudos
Running >>> LeapingPhysical (Red)2 >>> 4100 Kudos

In addition to these universal upgrades, players can also upgrade their genetic enhancement memory card for seventy kudos.

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