Immortals Fenyx Rising: 10 Best Vaults (& How to Complete Them)

Imagine that Ancient Greek gods with the charm of Nintendo characters invaded an Assassin’s Creed game, and that’s Immortals Fenyx Rising in a nutshell. Ubisoft Quebec’s charming and funny (it’s all very Pixar) action-adventure game may not be the biggest open-world adventure around, but it’s a delight. It’s worth any gamer’s time to glide, fight, and collect loot as a demi-god.

The game has 36 Vaults of Tartaros to conquer (think of them as the equivalent of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s many Shrines), some of which represent the best variety and unadulterated fun in the game. Fenyx deserves to have time in the spotlight alongside any hero from mythology or video games, and in some vaults, this new adventure title from Ubisoft truly shines.

Adonis’ Fall

Everything an action-adventure fan could want is inside this Vault. Adonis’ Fall offers players a mixture of platforming, gliding and launching boulders at stacks of stones.

Use the levers to launch boulders and knock away the blocks in Fenyx’s path. The path to the end involves landing stones in basins and activating wind gusts using purple crystals. Don’t forget to grab the Hero Chest with the Spring’s Laurel helmet before exiting. This title is as laden with hidden unlockables as it is with details and references, so always check everywhere.

Arena Of Fortitude

The Arena of Fortitude represents the best use of traps while battling waves of enemies. Anyone looking for a stick-and-move battle where Fenyx uses the environment to their advantage will love this Vault.

Watch for fire-breathing heads against the walls and spike traps on the floor. After defeating the Minotaurs, go to the platform opposite the lever and open the Epic Chest for the hard-fought Molten Fragment. Return to the main area, go through the other opening and glide across the vault to collect Zeus’s Lightning.

Medusa’s Lair

Medusa’s Lair is a difficult flying challenge, but it’s perfect for gamers who want to test their skills. It’s not possible to find a more intricate flight sequence in Immortals Fenyx Rising. There’s also no better Vault to try out a fancy new pair of wings.

This Vault challenges flying skills, so don’t forget to pack some potions should you run into problems. Go southwest from the Hall of the Gods to the butterfly island across from the Goddess of Love statue. Locate a temple on the canyon wall, look to the right, and enter the rift.

The Serpentine Monster

Herakles had to rely on his nephew Iolaus to defeat the dreaded Hydra, but Fenyx can take down the mystical beast alone. As a bonus, there’s a bow challenge at the end for those who enjoy the game’s archery mechanics. Prometheus and Zeus even provide their trademark commentary, with a painful (but worthwhile) pun.

Players must defeat one Hydra head, followed by two and then four, while defeating enemies from behind. Wait for them to pass out on the platform or miss Fenyx and get stuck to finish the Hydra. Fly to the next platform to collect a Treasure Chest, but before you retrieve Zeus’s Lightning, go behind it and find a lever. Pull it and hit ten targets before they disappear to earn the Piercing Wisdom gear.

Arena Of Legends

It’s not wise to approach this vault before spending some serious time mastering the combat system and upgrading equipment. With that said, this Vault delivers one of the most epic battles in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

When you’re ready for the stiff challenge, focus your attention on Odysseus first. Herakles moves much slower, so you can bob and weave around him. For the bonus round, you’ll have to take on both Atalanta and Herakles, where the same strategy applies. As a reward for your combat prowess, this Vault rewards Fenyx with a Molten Fragment and Zeus’s Lightning.

Dolos’ Stage Of Trickery

This vault begins and ends with narration from Prometheus and Zeus, which is a welcome treat. The level doesn’t last long, but it features a fun fight and plenty of the heart that makes Immortals Fenyx Rising a gem.

Three waves of enemies need to be defeated to earn the loot at the end. The first wave features three Rogue Shades and one Elite. The second will have two Rogue Shades, two Shield Shades, a Harpy and an Elite. For the final wave, Fenyx needs to down a Cyclops and one Elite.

Arena Of Agility

Any gamer who feels confident in their combat skills should test themselves against the Arena of Agility vault. There’s no problem-solving here, only intense stick-and-move fighting and hack-and-slash gameplay. Come prepared with the skill upgrades that Fenyx should have prioritized, improved armor, and a stack of potions.

The player must avoid the spike traps and laser beams while battling three waves of enemies. The first features a blue Minotaur who’s easy to beat if Fenyx avoids his charge attack. The second wave will include a bear, armored guards and a red Minotaur who’s weaker than the blue variety. During the third wave, concentrate on the harpies and Gorgons before going after the Minotaurs.

Atalanta’s Nightmare

This vault requires a mixture of agility, bow skills and placing Fenyx out of harm’s way. Lasers threaten to cut our hero down while they fire at targets to unlock the path forward. It’s a challenge, but completing it with style will make players feel like Greek deities themselves. After all, the game’s combat isn’t perfect, but it’s certainly a thrill ride.

The Atalanta’s Nightmare vault focuses on challenging your skills with a bow. Pull the lever, hit the targets and don’t get hit by any lasers for the first round. The second round adds floor lasers to the challenge and three moving targets. Round three brings a huge number of lasers, but Fenyx can handle anything with practise.

Sanctuary Of Erebos

This vault may only take around five or ten minutes to complete, but Ubisoft squeezes tons of game elements into that time. Fenyx must avoid lasers, fire traps, and platforms with spikes. A few baddies stand in the way, but it’s worth the fight to assemble a melody fragment and complete a vault.

It’s not wise to attempt this vault before learning Hephaistos’s Hammer and Ares’s Wrath; without them, it’s not possible to get to an Epic Chest. Avoid the lasers, fly straight, and traverse the narrow pathways through a series of checkpoints. Defeat the beast at the end to claim the Brood of Typhon breastplate before exiting.

The Hound Of Hades

Fenyx must defeat Cerberus to complete this vault. After feeling like an Ancient Greek hero for slaying the beat, a fun exchange occurs between Zeus and Prometheus. Ubisoft even provides an interesting perspective and commentary about the life of Herakles. It somehow manages to hit home, as always when the game relays some of the fascinating tales of Greek Mythology.

Cerberus will try to end the adventure with fireball projectiles, heavy attacks when he glows red and pouncing from the air. It’s not too challenging to bob, weave, and avoid its attacks. After knocking him out three times and attacking away in return, Fenyx should have the opportunity to fly forward to the exit.

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