Immortals Fenyx Rising A New God DLC: Guide to Obtaining All Relics in Hephaistos’s Vaults

When it comes to Immortals Fenyx Rising’s new DLC A New God, players will find themselves facing a series of challenges set by the gods. You’ll have to complete six different vaults for each of the four gods that you saved in the main game, and hidden in each vault is an optional chest that holds a relic.

Collecting all 24 relics in the game is the only way to unlock the secret vault as part of Hermes’s “It belongs in a Museum… er… Pantheon!” quest, but they’re not all that easy to find. Just below we’ve got a guide about where to find every relic in Hephaistos’s vaults and how to solve the puzzles in order to get them. Not all of the vaults are immediately accessible, but Hephaistos will unlock more as you progress.

Trial of Creativity’s Initiation — Butterfly of Thanatos

The Butterfly of Thanatos can be found in the optional chest in Hephaistos’s Trial of Creativity’s Initiation. Fortunately, the chests can be easy to see from a distance as a golden pillar of light shoots upwards from them, but this does disappear as you draw close.

You’ll need to go off the beaten path to get this, as with all optional chests, and you’ll need to solve one of the new magnetic puzzles to get up to it too. When you reach one of the new vented jumping platforms, you can see the optional chest beam and its related puzzle off to your right, as shown above. Next to the large tree on this platform is a button, so make sure you hit that to spawn two metal blocks to use to solve the puzzle.

If you’re having trouble solving it, the trick is you need to throw one block into the negative stream, have the other block ready on the higher platform, then quickly hit the switch to turn the charge positive, jump on the block in the stream then grab the other block as you travel past it. Effectively, you want to be able to stand on the lower block in the stream and have the other held above you, so when you reach the top you can chuck it over towards the next negative stream. The image above shows the setup you need.

You then need to jump to the block you just threw, grab the one you had previously been standing on, and throw that into the next new stream. Continue to jump on the block in the new steam, grab the old block, throw to the new stream, and rinse and repeat. You need to have both blocks with you when you reach the top, so you can put each one on the weight buttons to open the gates to the chest with the relic inside.

Trial of Mystery — Hestia’s Flame

Hestia’s Flame is found in the optional chest in Hephaistos’s Trial of Mystery. You can see the location in the image above. When you reach the platform closest to the optional chest area, simply glide up to it as the wind will help you get there.

Unlocking this chest involves solving a ball mystery similar to the one you’ve already completed in this level, but it’s straight forward enough. You want to send the ball through the gap that is just in front of its spawn point (the wind will keep it from falling), while you glide/travel to the other side and pull the ball out, as shown above. Then you just need to roll the ball into the recess to open the gate.

Don’t worry about the “second chest” shown in this level, it’s not actually anywhere in the vault, as Hephaistos gives you your reward for completion once you exit the trial.

Trial of Artistry’s Initiation — Lyre of Mnemosyne

You will need the Colossal Strength upgrade given by Hephaistos in order to remove the large blocks on top of the vault entrance.

This vault isn’t that difficult, but you may notice straight away that the beam indicating the location of the optional chest is red instead of gold, which is a sign that it physically isn’t available until you do something to make it appear. However, it’s really easy to unlock the chest.

While you are solving the vault, there will come a point where you are carrying a large metal block after having passed over spiked platforms. As shown in the image above, taking the block to the left is required to complete the vault, but before you do that — throw it onto the negative charge to the right of it. Doing this will unlock the chest that is just above the negative charge, so jump up and claim your Lyre of Mnemosyne relic.

Trial of the Forge God’s Initiation —Horn of Boreas

You will need to have the Phosphor’s Swap ability rewarded from progressing Aphrodite’s questline in order to access this vault.

Hephaistos’s vaults are getting a little trickier now, but the best tip you can remember is that you can throw your clones through portals and then use Phosphor’s Swap to effectively travel through the portal yourself. There will come a point in the vault where you need to get two balls to put into two recesses near a locked jump vent in order to progress (the area is shown above), and you will clearly see the red beam of a locked chest.

Once you have progressed enough to get at least one of the balls into the outside area, you’re going to borrow it to unlock the optional chest. Take it to the location shown above and you’ll want to put it onto the next level, and then again onto the uppermost level by using the charged Hephaistos’s Hammer attack.

Once you’re at the top with the ball, leave the ball for a moment and jump off the corner shown above to drop to the area below with the locked chest. There’s a lever here that you need to pull, but first, put a Phosphor’s Cone onto the platform — then use the lever. Swap places with your clone, and grab the ball once you reach the top, and pull it onto the platform you just traveled on. Swap back to your clone and pull the lever, then swap back again to hold onto the ball as it travels down towards the locked chest on the moving platform.

Then you just need to maneuver the ball into the recess next to the chest in order to unlock it and claim your Horn of Boreas relic. You still need this ball to finish the main puzzle, so either travel back up with the ball and then knock it down to the outside area again, or go to where you got it and respawn it if you wish.

Hephaistos’s Trial of Combat — Trumpet Shell of Triton

You need to solve a simple electricity puzzle in order to access this vault. Simply carry (while sprinting) the nearby charged block with the Colossus Strength upgrade towards the gates. The node outside of the gate will charge for a few moments while the electricity lasts, allowing you a short window in which to enter.

This is a fairly easy vault as it’s a combat one, and the optional chest puzzle is pretty easy too. Eventually, you’ll come to a vent jump pad (as shown above) and you’ll see the optional chest off to your right. After jumping, head over in that direction until you come to the platform with the lever.

Pulling the lever will cause many targets to start moving up and down and you have to shoot them all before the lever resets in order to open the gates to the chest. Fortunately, with this chest the gates will stay open even after the chest resets, so you don’t have to rush over once you hit every target. Then just head in and grab your Trumpet Shell of Triton relic before returning back the way you came to finish the vault.

Hephaistos’s Trial of Blessing — Golden Bow of Apollo

This is Hephaistos’s final vault and the optional chest won’t be noticeable until you’re further in the level. Eventually, you’ll spot it up and to the left of the area that you have arrived at, as shown above.

There is a vent jump to go to the next area on the platform to continue the level, but it’s also the same way you can get to the platform the chest is on. What you need to do is hit the arrow target to the left of the jump vent to ensure the wind is blowing towards the optional chest, then use the jump vent but turn back on yourself as you peak, so that you can then fly towards the optional chest.

Grab the Golden Bow of Apollo, and then fly back to the jump vent to continue through the vault. You might need to use Apollo’s Arrow in order to hit the target and change the direction of the wind again to help you get back to where you need to be. Once again, there isn’t really a “second chest” at the end, as your reward is Hephaistos’s blessing once you speak to him again.

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