Industria Is A Mystery/Horror FPS Inspired By David Lynch, BioShock, And Half-Life 2

German developer Bleakmill has launched a Steam page for its debut project, Industria. Officially announced in 2020, this surreal mystery shooter is heavily inspired by BioShock, Half-Life 2, and the works of David Lynch.

Industria is a first-person shooter, set before the end of the Cold War in East Berlin, just prior to the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. As a young woman, Nora, players investigate the research of their missing colleague, who disappears in a secret facility. The search for her friend takes Nora right into a mysterious parallel dimension, where time seems to stand still.

Industria’s key features include not only two realities but also a deep story with a tight, surreal, and suspenseful atmosphere, as well as haunting music. The developers are working on an experimental soundtrack to make Industria even more memorable and special. The synthesizer, acoustic instruments, and melancholic vocals highlight the otherworldly place Nora has found herself in.

Industria is a typical first-person shooter, where the players will encounter dangerous enemies around every corner of its parallel reality. The project’s trailers and screenshots include some bizarre robots and hybrids of all kinds. In Industria, you’ll can access to four weapon types. Among those types include rifles, SMGs, and melee weapons.


It is worth noting Bleakmill studio consists of just two passionate people that have been working hard on Industria for the last four years. Because of that, the game is expected to be pretty short, offering about four to five hours of gameplay.

Aside from developers’ inspirations from BioShock and Half-Life 2, Industria looks a little bit like the upcoming Russian game, Atomic Heart. Set in alternative USSR, Atomic Heart throws players in Vavilov Laboratory Complex, full of strange robots, futuristic weapons, and striking architecture. Atomic Heart from Mundfish studio is expected sometime in 2021.

Industria is coming to Steam in 2021, according to the team, and you can already add the game to your wishlist. The game will be published by German publisher Headup Games, best known for publishing the Bridge Constructor series. The company was recently acquired by Swedish video game holding company Thunderful Group.

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