Inscryption Is Coming To PlayStation

Ready to gouge out your eyes and pull out your teeth to avoid being turned into a playing card? Because that’s what’s coming to PlayStation as Inscryption announces its PS4 and PS5 ports.

Initially released last November for PC, Inscryption is a terrifying blend of deckbuilder, escape room, roguelike, and psychological horror. The game places you in a life or death battle against a mysterious dealer using living cards want to escape the game just as much as you do. The penalty for losing is being turned into a card yourself to be used in the next game against some other poor schmuck who gets caught in the dealer’s trap. Escape involves outwitting the dealer, but it might cost you a few teeth and an eye first.

However, Inscryption doesn’t end after defeating the dealer. The game continues as the cabin walls fall away, revealing an even more terrifying truth.

Inscryption is one of Steam’s highest-rated games with a 97 percent overall rating. It also won several awards at the most recent Indie Games Festival, as well as Game of the Year at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

It’s also still getting support. Developer Daniel Mullins released a free mini-expansion called Kaycee’s Mod in March, which continues the card game portion of Inscryption with new cards, more challenges, and endless games with increasing difficulty. It also adds additional game logs that reveal more secrets from Inscryption’s lore.

Today’s trailer confirms Inscryption is now making the leap from Steam to PlayStation. Although the trailer didn’t give a date, it did say that both PS5 and PS4 owners will be able to download Inscryption when it eventually releases.

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