Invincible Season 2 Is Coming Late 2023

An extremely meta teaser trailer for the second season of Invincible has confirmed that new episodes are planned to be released in late 2023, although there's a "more or less" chucked in there for good measure.

Over the past few days, the Invincible Twitter account has been teasing that news on the show's second season was coming soon. Although most probably expected some kind of glimpse into what's next for Mark, we instead got a meta teaser that features Mark and Allen chatting about what they've been up to and Allen doing god's work and trying to find out when we'll be seeing more of Invincible.

The teaser features Mark and Allen the Alien sitting in a Burger Mart, which is where Mark worked at the beginning of the first season before his powers kicked in. The two talk about what they've been up to recently, with Allen joking that he hasn't managed to find the planet he was meant to visit instead of Earth, and Mark breaking the fourth wall and revealing how much work goes into the show and why it's been taking its time.

Allen then asks Mark when he's going to get back out there because "the world needs more Invincible". Mark says that his comeback is coming, but Allen demands a specific date to look forward to. After some hesitance and a bit of threatening from Allen, Mark confirms that more Invincible is coming "late 2023". The end of the teaser adds a "more or less" on to the end of that, though, so it's not impossible that it gets delayed later down the line.

Details on what Invincible's second season will be about are currently pretty slim on the ground, but if it follows the comic then it'll likely focus on the Sequids (who were seen attacking Mars in the first season), along with developing characters like Allen the Alien. It also seems likely that we'll see Angstrom Levy make an appearance, as he's one of Mark's main enemies in the comics and has been teased by Robert Kirkman to show up.

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