Iron Man VR Update Adds New Game+ And New Weapons

It’s time to suit up once more, as Iron Man VR just implemented a New Game+ mode and four new weapons via a free update. Camouflaj has also added eight new Costume Armor Decos and a bunch of quality of life improvements.

The New Game+ mode allows you to carry on playing with your Research Points and unlocks for the Impulse Armor. The new weapons will come in handy, as a new difficulty mode has been added that’s even tougher than Invincible, called Ultimate. Camouflaj says on the PlayStation Blog they want to test you “to see what you’re really made of.”

But it wouldn’t be an Iron Man game without Tony Stark excitedly testing more weapons for his suit. At the Armor Station, you can now unlock the Continuous Beam Repulsor (a sustained beam), the EM Charge Cannon (a charge shot that’s handy against the hardlight shields of Skull, Revenant, and Wight drones). the Micro Swarm (a widespread shot for groups of enemies), and the sick-looking Gravity Bomb (an area of effect attack that sucks everything up to one space like a black hole).

There’s nothing more awkward than standing around with a VR headset waiting for the game to start, so thankfully load times have been drastically improved with the new update; 20 to 30 seconds have been shaved off, thanks to the engineering team of Iron Man VRAnd for the truly impatient, cutscenes can also be skipped.

Two story side-missions are also skippable by using the “Skip Mission” button at the globe. Once you’ve done that, they’ll be marked as completed, but Camouflaj does note that the trophies won’t be activated if you skip them.

It’s no surprise that Iron Man VR is getting these updates months after its initial launch. The game debuted at No. 2 on the U.K. sales charts next to The Last of Us Part 2 and is a marquee title for the PlayStation VR platform. It’s funny to consider that the developer was initially denied the Iron Man license by Marvel and was only given a chance after a great pitch. It looks like they delivered.

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