Islets: How To Beat The Buried Beast

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So you've trudged through mud and rain in an attempt to reach this island's electromagnetic core, and what do you find waiting for you? That's right, an undead, floating boss with more pointy sticks than sense.

The Buried Beast is one of Islets' most satisfying fights – it ramps up in difficulty quite quickly, though, so don't worry if you're struggling a bit. We've got some tips to help you out, just in case.

Buried Beast's Attacks

As you'd expect from the animation that plays at the beginning of the fight, you can expect to be dealing with lots of sword and arrow-based attacks.

AttackDescriptionHow To Counter
Bladed RainThe Buried Beast's swords and arrows will all line up in the air before shooting at your location in succession.Running in one direction, preferably far away from the weapons, is good enough to avoid the entire attack.
Blade ExplosionThe Buried Beast shoots all of their swords and arrows away from them in a straight line.This move has a decent amount of windup, so you should be able to get to a safe place. The weapons will slowly return to the boss, though, so be wary of where the underground weapons will rise from.
Blade SwirlThe Buried Beast shoots all of their swords and arrows away from them in a swirl, curving around a single point.This is harder to predict than Blade Explosion. Move away from the weapons to get the best chance of dodging – dodge roll works well for this if you dodge towards the inside of the swirl. Be wary of the weapons that duck underground out of sight for a moment.
Bouncing BladesThe Buried Beast's weapons all cling together and start bouncing around the arena. Every time it hits the ground, it sends shockwaves out.Jump over the shockwaves to avoid them, it's easy to get into the rhythm. If the bouncing ball of blades gets too close, that's your cue to dodge roll through it before continuing to jump.
Enraged Conjured SwordsOnce enraged, the Buried Beasts will start conjuring two pairs of swords to attack you:

  • The first pair will strike down at you from diagonal angles.
  • The second pair will strike at you from the sides.
The first swords can be avoided by jumping or dodge rolling to one side, but to avoid the second pair you'll really want to jump. Dodge rolling through a sword coming at you from the side will get you hit by the other sword.

How To Beat Buried Beast

This boss' first phase is relatively simple – the attacks are easy to learn and avoid. The problems arise when you knock them into their enraged phase, and they start weaving Conjured Swords attacks into their usual patterns.

  • The better you are at dodging the first phase's attacks, the better you'll be able to cope with the chaos of the second phase. Consider spending some time getting the timings down perfectly.
  • The Buried Beast is most dangerous when you're standing close to them. If you're struggling or need a breather, take steps to put some distance between you. This is harder in the second phase of the fight, but not impossible.
  • The Enraged Conjured Swords attack seems to happen at the start of every other attack. If you remember this, you'll better be able to time your dodges.
  • Your upwards attacks do more damage than your sideways attacks, try to use these as much as possible. Good attacks to punish are the end of Bladed Rain and all of Bladed Explosion, if you can get your positioning right.

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