Japanese Sonic Frontiers Players Can Get V-Tuber DLC

Sega is teaming up with VTuber Inugami Korone for some in-game DLC costumes that Japanese players can get by pre-ordering Sonic Frontiers.

There are four different collaborations that have been discovered (thanks, Eurogamer) – an overhaul that replaces the sound effects with Korone's voice, an acrylic panel of Sonic and Korone together, Sonic gloves and shoes with Korone designs, and a reskin for Coco that makes them into Koronesuki. Japanese players can get these crossovers for PlayStation 4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

If you don't know Korone, she's a virtual anime YouTuber with 1.86 million subscribers and has spoken plenty about her love of Sonic. If you're itching to get access to the crossover in the West, it looks like you're out of luck, but there are some other pre-order bonuses that you can get your hands on ahead of its November 8 launch.

The Japanese crossover pre-orders and the digital deluxe edition bonuses confirm that Sonic will be in some part customisable in Frontiers, letting you style him up with different fashion choices, though it isn't clear if these will be basic colour swaps or full designs. Pre-ordering the deluxe edition nets you "additional shoes and gloves for Sonic" so we'll find out shortly.

"Hololive VTuber 'Korone Inugami' is appointed as a Sonic Ambassador!" the Sega website reads. "If you make a reservation at the following shops, you can get a collaboration item with 'Inugami Korone'!"

A couple of months from release, Sonic Frontiers news is trickling out in force, or Forces (geddit?), and yesterday it was found that its Green Hill Zone riffs the level design from Unleashed's tutorial. A video comparing the two levels shows that they share the "exact same level design", but fans have pointed out that these levels are based on Sonic's memories, though this doesn't track given that it's set in Green Hill and not Windmill Isle. Maybe Sonic's just a little confused, eh?

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