Jared Leto’s Bad Marvel Movie Is Apparently Even Worse Than His Bad DC Movie

Reviews for Morbius came in recently – Marvel's vampire action movie starring Jared Leto – and it ain't looking good. The movie had a pretty dismal score of 20 on Rotten Tomatoes yesterday and that number has only decreased since, with more critics panning it for its "nonsensical story" and "uninspired effects." In fact, Morbius is so widely disliked that it's scoring lower than Suicide Squad at the moment – the bad one from 2016, not the good one with John Cena in it.

I might not need to remind you, but 2016's Suicide Squad was pretty controversial at the time of release, mostly because of Jared Leto's bizarre performance as the Joker. Even though it was routinely mocked at the time, Leto's Joker still seems to have struck a chord with more people than his portrayal of Morbius. As can be seen on Rotten Tomatoes for both films, Morbius currently sits at a score of 16 while Suicide Squad has a slightly better score of 26.

It's the same story when you compare the IMDB pages for both films as well. Morbius is rocking a 4.8/10 on IMDB while Suicide Squad is sitting pretty with a score of 5.9/10. While it's unfair to lay the blame solely at Leto's feet, it's quite impressive that he's managed to have pretty prominent roles in the worst that both DC and Marvel have to offer. If anything, it's actually rather impressive. At least you know that Jared Leto doesn't take sides.

In fact, even Morbius' director seems to be attempting to get less people to watch the movie as he was recently seen on Twitter spoiling most of its contents. Daniel Espinosa conducted a Twitter Q&A a few days ago, revealing a bunch of details and story beats from the film itself as well as the fates of other Marvel villains, much the annoyance of everyone trying to remain spoiler-free. Espinosa even spoiled Morbius' post-credits scene, although it might be for the best as critics have been calling it the "worst ever" post-credits scene to exist.

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