Jim Carrey Wins A Critics Choice Award For His Role In Sonic The Hedgehog

Due to the pandemic, there were very few films released in 2020 in the way of traditional superhero movies. Last year was the first time since 2009 that we had a year without a single Marvel movie. However, a less traditional superhero flick managed to hit theatres before the pandemic started, and even surprised many people who thought it was going to be an absolute disaster – Sonic the Hedgehog.

Despite last-minute changes to Sonic’s design and constant ridicule over social media, the film managed to make a decent profit and delighted the majority of Sonic fans. Most people put the film’s surprising quality down to Jim Carrey and his role as Dr. Robotnik. The Critics Choice Awards also seem to agree, as it’s bestowed upon Carrey the award for “Best Villain In A Movie” for his performance.

It’s probably worth noting that Carrey didn’t win a traditional Critics Choice Award. Instead, the award comes from a new ceremony that has been introduced called the Critics Choice Super Awards. This is a ceremony dedicated to honoring the less appreciated genres in the film industry like superhero, horror, fantasy, and animation to name a few. Included are many different categories that don’t usually appear in standard awards ceremonies.

For example, there’s an award for “Best Voice Actor In An Animated Movie,” which Jamie Foxx nabbed for his performance in Soul. Another award is for “Best Actress In A Superhero Movie” which Margot Robbie won for her role as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey.

It’s nice to see an official award show recognizing the quality of more pop-culture movies when traditional award shows like the Oscars tend to snub them quite frequently. Just because a movie is animated or includes a superhero doesn’t mean it should be disqualified from being nominated for Best Picture.

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