Join the Smashbox VR Dodgeball League to Win up to $4,500 in Prizes

Based in North America and fancy winning some cash with your mates? Then you’ll want to enter Ctrl V’s Smashbox Arena League which will be taking place during the summer, with players able to compete for over $4,500 CDN worth of prizes.

Using Bigbox VR’s multiplayer arena shooter Smashbox Arena, location-based entertainment (LBE) specialist Ctrl V is running the promotion starting in July and all the way through August sponsored by Survios. Encouraging participants of all ages, teams of three have to register by Friday 28th June, either at a Ctrl V location or online.

It costs $99.99 per person to enter the league which will last up to eight weeks. Players will need to commit at least one hour of their time each week, with competitions held every Monday evening from 6:30pm – 9:30pm (local time) from 8th July onwards.

Then on Monday, 19th August, the top two teams from each location will be selected for the grand championship on Monday 26th August which will be live-streamed. Over $4,500 will be available to win at each of Ctrl V’s locations, with first place getting $3000 cash, second place getting $1000 gift cards and $500 worth of gift cards for third place.

The competition will be taking place at Ctrl V’s 16 VR arcade locations:

  • Brampton (West)

  • Calgary (Glenmore)

  • Cambridge

  • Edmonton (West)

  • Guelph

  • Hamilton

  • Howell

  • Lethbridge

  • Lindsay

  • London

  • Mississauga

  • North York

  • Red Deer

  • St Catherines

  • Waterloo

  • Winnipeg

Originally released back in 2016 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift before coming to PlayStation VR the following year, Smashbox Arena is a team-based first-person shooter (FPS) with over the top physic-driven power-ups such as Giant Boulders, Sniperballs and Heat Seeking Missiles to play with. While the home version does have a single-player campaign, the core gameplay revolves around the multiplayer mode.

BigBox VR is currently working on another arena style shooter called Population: ONE. Far more in the vein of popular battle royale titles such as Fortnite, Population: ONE will allow gamers to climb, fly and build with up to 24 other players in a match.

As further details regarding Ctrl V’s future plans are released, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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