Jump King Returns To Twitch With New DLC To Make Streamers Suicidal

Jump King is back with a free update that adds a new level called Ghost of the Babe and streamers are already using it torture themselves.

Jump King is a new kind of brutally punishing game I’ve coined “Schadenfreude-Vanias” because of their popularity on streaming sites like Twitch where viewers sit on the edge of their seat just waiting for the moment when the streamer will fail, lose all their progress, and rage out.

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Games like Jump KingGetting Over It With Bennet Foddy, and Pogostuck are all games with obnoxiously difficult control schemes that task the player with platforming higher and higher through a vertical level. One wrong move can send you plummeting back down to the bottom, losing hours or sometimes even days of hard work.

Why anyone would put themselves through this, I have no idea. Fortunately, a lot of streamers are willing to torture themselves for our amusement. Forsen is one of the streamers who has dived back into Jump King with the new update, and things are going pretty much how you would expect:

First announced back in July, Ghost of the Babe is the 3rd chapter in the Jump King story and advertised as the hardest one yet. The update includes a new level, new cosmetic garments, new music, and new achievements.

Developer Nexile highly recommends that you experience the other chapters before attempting Ghost of the Babe as it is by far the most challenging world in the game yet.

Twitch’s top streamers have been dipping their toes back into the game over the weekend. Currently, the game has over 50k viewers on the platform. Streamers like xQc and Mizkif have decided today is a good day to hate themselves and are streaming the game all day. xQc’s stream is called “CHILL THEN JUMP KING TILL EVERY HAIR FALLS OFF MY FKING HEAD” which is actually a pretty reasonable title.

Jump King is available on Steam currently for $8.70, 33% off of normal price. You can play the base game, Ghost of the Babe, and the New Babe+ expansion right now, though if you manage to finish the game without breaking your computer the government might want to study your brain.

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