Junker Queen And Pharah Fight For Top Spot In Overwatch’s Battle For Olympus

Overwatch 2 has been battling with itself since it was released. Whether it's Heroes being removed because of balancing issues, low tier players getting matched with high tier ones, the game has been in a constant state of disarray amidst all of this, Blizzard kicked off the game's first major event of the year, Battle for Olympus. The Heroes have been bestowed with the power of the gods, and have been battling it out in a limited-time game mode.

As you may have already seen, the event brought in a Greek mythology theme, with seven Heroes getting reworked with cosmetics and abilities to mirror those of gods, heroes, and monsters we learned about in history books – or Assassin's Creed Odyssey. However, it seems fitting that Junker Queen, with the power of Zeus, is currently in the lead. Almost a week ago, we reported that she was in the lead with over seven million kills, with Pharah placing second with just over six million.

It seems that the Queen isn't giving up her throne anytime soon. As per Overwatch 2's latest tally, she is not only still at the top, but has further extended her lead. She currently has 32,612,911 kills under her belt; with Pharah having 30,881,179. Widowmaker jumped up two spots – from sixth to fourth. The race for third place seems pretty heated, with Roadhog currently holding it with over 24 million kills. Only 6,429 kills separate fourth and fifth spot. Unfortunately, new boy Ramattra will have to settle for last spot with just over 18 million kills. Things could still change though, as the event concludes on January 19.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Battle for Olympus event isn't having the impact that Blizzard may have been hoping for. While it looks like a new spin on the usual gameplay, the challenges attached to the event are as grindy as the base game, if not more. In fact, it's so bad that players from certain lobbies have decided to work together in order to grind out the ridiculously hard to complete challenges.

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