Killer Queen Black Now Supports Local 8-Player Games

Killer Queen Black has received a major new update, and it’s brought some big changes with it. By far the biggest is the addition of local eight-player support on both PC and Switch, meaning that if you get eight people in a room they can all play the game together.

Patch 1.60, called the Hydra Update, also fixes bugs, shifts some UI elements, and adds a new Streamer mode, among other changes. Here’s the full list of changes.

  • Eight-player local support for PC and console
  • Region selection on Switch
  • Custom (online) and local matches can be started by a single player
  • Bots can fill out local and custom matches
  • Teams in local and custom matches can now be automatically shuffled
  • Streamer mode: Choose which names to display in-game and in menus
  • Map pools now skew towards more variety and fewer repeats
  • Various bug fixes and UI improvements

The press release for this update also contained a roadmap, showing their plans for the game’s immediate future.

The game is currently discounted down to $10 on the Switch eShop, Steam, and the Humble Store to celebrate the update. It will come to Xbox One at some point, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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