Kingdom Hearts 3: All Battle Gate Locations And Tips

Whether it be super bosses or some other form of secret challenge, there is almost always a reason to stick around after you beat the story in a Kingdom Hearts title. KH3 is no exception, providing a ton of new reasons to revisit old worlds, continue leveling up, and motivating you to reach 100% completion. The most exciting of these post-game activities is undoubtedly the 14 Battle Gates that appear across the game only after you bring down the final boss. These gates each have their own challenges, rewards, and difficulty ratings. Don’t lose heart, because we have all the locations and tips for each Battle Gate in the game.

All Battle Gate Locations And Tips In KH3

Battle Gates, once they populate the game, are very hard to miss. You’ll be notified that they have appeared once you load your completed save file, but not where to find them or what you can earn. They are ranked in terms of difficulty from one to three stars, with three being the most difficult.

Battle Gate #1

The first gate is found on Mt. Olympus in the lobby of the Realm of the Gods area. The easiest way to reach it is via the Summit save point. From there, simply go up the stairs into the Ream of the Gods and the gate will be in the middle of the arena.

This is a one-star difficulty challenge that pits you against large waves of Satyr, Archer, and Water Core heartless. The Satyr heartless are particularly strong against your physical attacks, and the others will poke at you from range, so use your AOE magic and links to deal damage to as many enemies at once as you can.

Rewards: Fire Cufflink and Secret Report 1

Battle Gate #2

Also in Mt. Olympus, now travel to the Apex save point and go to the top of the mountain where the fight against the three Titans took place. The gate will be right in the center of the circular area.

This is also a one-star fight, but much tougher than the first. You’ll have two massive Rock Trolls to deal with, plus smaller adds to pester you. Separate the weaker enemies first so you can focus on the big tanky trolls uninterrupted. Focus on one at a time, chipping away at their health and saving up your MP for Links or emergency heals.

Rewards: Cosmic Belt+ and Secret Report 2

Battle Gate #3

Moving on to Twilight Town, head to The Old Mansion and find the gate right outside the courtyard.

This is the first two-star gate and consists of two waves of Nobodies. The first wave is weak, so hit them with AOE magic and normal attacks. The second wave adds in Sorcerers you’ll need to be a bit more careful with. Stick to physical attacks against them, but don’t attack when they summon their red cubes until they turn blue.

Rewards: Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report 3

Battle Gate #4

Fast travel over to the Kid Korral save point in Toy Box, and the gate will be right beside you when you arrive.

This is another one-star difficulty gate and should be no problem. Most are weak heartless, but prioritize the turret and ranged attackers first so they don’t hit you with too many cheap shots. Ranged magic is also helpful in quickly taking out the jetpack heartless that can be hard to close in on.

Rewards: Mega Elixer and Secret Report 4

Battle Gate #5

Swap over to the Galaxy Toys Entrance point in Toy Box and head to the front doors of the store to start this next Battle Gate.

Back up to two stars, this is another challenging fight, especially at the start. You’ll be pitted against a bunch of Supreme Smashers and Gigas, the big mech enemies. Without a mech of your own, you’ll want to take out a Gigas as fast as you can to pilot it yourself. Once you get inside, you should be safe from any quick deaths.

Rewards: Thunder Cufflink and Secret Report 5

Battle Gate #6

On to the Kingdom of Corona, start in the Wildflower Clearing save point. From there make your way to the Quarry area where you fought the chariot tower enemy. The gate will be in the middle of the little arena.

This two-star battle is another tough one. You’ll have a bunch of monkeys heartless to annoy you, plus the two big cannon heartless. Thankfully only one is mobile, so start out by wiping out all the monkeys to keep them from leaping on top of the cannons. After that, finish off the mobile cannon before taking out the stationary one.

Rewards: Illusory Crystal and Secret Report 6

Battle Gate #7

Sticking in Corona, go to The Tower save point and out the vine door. The gate will be on the right beside a lake.

Another two-star fight, but much easier. This is just a bunch of Chief Puff and smaller heartless that you should rip through without much danger.

Rewards: Air Cufflink and Secret Report 7

Battle Gate #8

Jumping over to Monstropolis, start at the Tank yard and go into the silo area where you fought a mini-boss on your first visit.

This is a one-star fight, but you’ll have to deal with a Demon Tower, though by this point you should be very familiar with how they work and can take it down relatively easily. Just stay mobile and pay attention to when the eyes flash red to warn you of an attack.

Rewards: Illusory Crystal and Secret Report 8

Battle Gate #9

(Let It) Go to Arendelle’s The Labyrinth of Ice via The Gorge and take the elevator down to the middle floor and into the next room.

This two-star fight is against a large group of Nobodies that get progressively harder with each of the three waves. The only real troublesome one will be the Berserker at the end that can deal a ton of damage if you aren’t paying attention.

Rewards: Evanescent Crystal and Secret Report 9

Battle Gate #10

Set your compass for The Huddled Isles in the Caribbean. Facing your ship, glide around the island to the right until you come to a cave with the Battle Gate inside the cove.

This is a simple one-star fight, but a little long. There will be four waves of Heartless, with the most dangerous being the Anchor Raiders, which aren’t too bad. Just use your magic and Links wisely and they’ll go down in no time.

Rewards: Water Cufflink and Secret Report 10

Battle Gate #11

In San Fransokyo, go to the North District during the daytime and slide along the railway until just before the tunnel.

You’re facing the big metal heartless again in this one-star fight, and thankfully not too much else. Clean up the smaller, but still tanky, heartless before focusing on the big ones. Magic is a great option here, but playing a little more conservatively will be the key.

Rewards: Ying-Yang Cufflink and Secret Report 11

Battle Gate #12

Hanging around the North District again, run up to the roof of the building behind where you spawn to the Southwest with all the giant fans around it.

Our last one-star battle is a nice and easy one. You’ll be swarmed by a bunch of weak heartless, so use magic, Links, or just smack them around with your Keyblade as you see fit.

Rewards: Blizzard Cufflink and Secret Report 12

Battle Gate #13

Pay a visit to the Keyblade Graveyard Badlands and head straight South to find this gate.

This is a two-star fight that is basically a mini-boss in itself against the Catastrochorus, the big dinosaur looking heartless you face before. Try to keep at the enemies at range on this one because of how fast and strong its charge and slam attacks are. Once it gets weak, move in to attack the bulge on its back and tail to finish it off.

Rewards: Celestriad and Secret Report 13

Battle Gate #14

The final gate is such a challenge we had to make an entire guide just for this fight. Check it out to learn everything you need to about the last, and by far most difficult, Battle Gate.

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