Kingdom Hearts 4 Accurately Recreates One Of Tokyo’s Most Expensive Areas

Since Kingdom Hearts 4 was confirmed by Square Enix to be in development just earlier today, as the series celebrated its 20th anniversary, fans have been picking apart the newly released trailer for clues as to what the upcoming title might include. So far, these dedicated spotters have sifted some telling details. We may not have seen any big hints gesturing to Disney worlds, but fans have spotted references to a galaxy far, far away… Meanwhile, Japanese fans have noticed how one part of the trailer appears to depict a highly detailed recreation of one part of the real-world Tokyo.

Twitter user @Genki_JPN drew attention to a part of the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer where Sora is chasing a black-winged monster on the streets, and compared it to a photograph of the same street in real life. It seems the street where Sora is running in the game is closely modeled on a real-life street in a famously glitzy area known as Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

Meanwhile, another eagle-eyed fan noted that Sora lives in "one of the most expensive residential areas in Tokyo". Uploading a series of trailer screenshots and real-life photos, @aitaikimochi observes that a building depicted in the distance in the trailer looks like Shibuya Stream and that she is "fairly certain the park you see is Aoyama Gakuin".

While Kingdom Hearts has famously recreated the beloved worlds of Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Final Fantasy, and various Disney worlds, it seems the upcoming title will feature authentic recreations of parts of Tokyo. As @aitaikimochi also observed, a part of the trailer also depicts the precise location and floor where the Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary took place, which is certainly one way to memorialise the event.

Kingdom Hearts fans are clearly enthused about the announcement, and as the next entry has been confirmed the fandom will continue to discuss theories and speculate where the series could be headed. Meanwhile, it also seems players might get a chance to have a wander through Shibuya, Tokyo in KH4.

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