Kingdom Hearts Fan Finds Scholastic’s Ultimate Handbook Riddled With Errors

If there’s one thing that gets under every writer’s skin (especially mine because my autistic brain can detect it from a mile away), it’s typos — grammar and spelling errors in certain places of an article of news or other pieces of literature. One Kingdom Hearts fan found typos and all over the Kingdom Hearts: The Ultimate Handbook, published by Scholastic back in September 2020.

Last week, Twitter user @gummiblock shared a video that gives a hilarious take on all the spelling and grammar errors and other unfortunate misprints Scholastic, the publisher that holds book fairs in every elementary school across the U.S., left inside the Kingdom Hearts handbook when they published it. The song featured in the video, In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg, emphasizes the comedic tragedy of the errors found throughout the book.

In the video, @gummiblocks points out a number of spelling errors in character bios. For example, on Jiminy Cricket’s page, the word “Royal” is missing the letter “y” when describing his title of Royal Chronicler of Disney Castle. In Axel’s profile, “Keyblade” is misspelled as “Keybalde” in the subtext at the bottom of the page. On Demyx’s page, “Organization XIII” is miswritten as “Organization XII,” as if Roxas wasn’t part of the group.

Here’s where it gets worse. Xaldin’s information reads the same as Luxord’s back to back because his biography was copypasted onto his. To make matters even more embarrassing, Luxu’s character quote from the Xigbar reveal was written on top of Luxu’s page, but Xigbar’s page was nowhere to be found. In fact, Scholastic forgot to add Xigbar, the most important piece to the entire Kingdom Hearts puzzle, into the handbook.

The blatant lack of editing in Kingdom Hearts: The Ultimate Handbook is not the only criticism Scholastic faced. In the mid-aughts, the publishing company received flak from critics for selling too many toys and video games with no educational value to kids rather than focusing on the books they were built to sell, as well as selling titles with strong media tie-ins that they deemed to contain little to no literary or artistic merit.

Most of the books I have read in school and beyond were published under the assumption that they have minimal to no editorial errors at all. Kingdom Hearts: The Ultimate Handbook, although a tie-in to the video game series, would’ve had more literary, artistic and educational value for kids who are new to the series were it not for the multiple grammar errors and misleading information. I’d rather gift a child Kingdom Hearts Ultimania than the Scholastic handbook.

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