Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix – All Postcard Locations

The first world you'll travel to in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix is Traverse Town, and there you can find an optional treasure hunt. Ten postcards lie around the town, and sending each through the mailbox in the First District will net you a reward, including healing items, stat boosts, and synthesis materials.

Sixth Postcard

Lock on to and attack the ceiling fan in the Item Shop to find this one. Don't ask how it got there.

Seventh Postcard

In the Second District near the entrance, there's a 'Boots & Shoes' shop. On its canopy sits a chest.

Eighth/Ninth Postcard

This one's a bit of a puzzle. In the Third District is an exposed wire sticking out of a pipe – to the left of the door to the First District. Shock it with Thunder. It won't be immediately clear what this does, but head inside the Second District Gizmo Shop to find it's now up and running.

On the upper platforms around the room are three buttons you can stand on. Activate them all and then interact with the clock below to get two postcards.

Tenth Postcard

From the Gizmo Shop roof, head through the rooftop entrance to the Third District.

You'll be on a little balcony, and tucked away in a corner next to the door is the final postcard.

Postcard Rewards

Regardless of what order you grab the postcards in, the order in which you unlock the rewards will be the same. Here's what you get.

2Mythril Shard
3Mega Potion
4Mega Ether
9Defense Up + AP Up
10Power Up + Defense Up

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