Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory – It’s A Small File Size After All

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is now available for pre-order, and we’ve discovered just how small the game is.

Despite having over 140 playable songs in Melody of Memory, the storage size clocks in at 5GB for the Nintendo Switch and approximately 8GB for the Xbox One version, according to KH13. For a Kingdom Hearts game, that’s tiny. To make a comparison, Kingdom Hearts 3 is a 40GB download on PS4.

This also might lead us to believe that the Switch is actually running the Unreal Engine cutscenes in-engine as movie files can be quite large, especially on an HD device.

KH13 brought up the length of the game could be indicated by the confirmed size of the title. Will this be a smaller adventure for the main protagonist Kairi? The premise to find Sora within her dreams seems limited in scope, so perhaps it will be shorter than a typical Kingdom Hearts game.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be releasing on November 13 for the Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 for a full $59.99. Let’s see if it will be worth that asking price when it comes out.

Melody of Memory is a rhythm action game that is set to the tunes of Yoko Shimomura’s outstanding soundtracks from the past 18 years (does anyone else feel old?). Sora on a Guitar Hero-like board will be slashing his way through enemies with his trusty keyblade in hand but he won’t be the only playable character. There will be over 20 in total, who you’ll likely be able to switch in and out during its online VS multiplayer mode. No villains have been shown as playable yet, but it would make the roster far bigger.

This title will be the first in the series to make the jump to the Nintendo Switch. Could this rhythm game come “Hand in Hand”  with the Kingdom Hearts: Story So Far Collection for the Switch? The Xbox has them both, so why not Nintendo’s platform? It would be great to have every game up to Kingdom Hearts 3 available in a portable fashion. If the cutscenes of Melody of Memory run natively on the hybrid console, perhaps Square Enix are dipping their toes in the water.

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