Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Beta Impressions Reveal Story Details

The recently held beta for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Missing Link has apparently revealed some rather spoiler filled story details, at least according to a new report. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link was announced back in April, 2022 and will be the latest mobile game in the famous franchise. The title takes place in Scala ad Caelum, filling in the gaps between the previous mobile releases, Kingdom Hearts Union X and Dark Road.

The news comes from the industry insider known as Aitaikimochi who seems to have been drawing from the remarks of a beta participant based in Japan, Toro_cocoron0te. “More story elements from the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta have dropped,” Aitaikimochi said on Twitter. “The intro is as I suspected, it's a Dive to the Heart sequence! Here are the details of the story and keyblades that you use in the beta.”

Aitaikimochi dove into the details of the story, noting how there will be “small story bits at the start of the game.” Kingdom Hearts Missing Link will apparently “start from a Dive to the Heart stained glass scene” featuring the characters Ephemer, Skuld, Chirithy, and the Foretellers. “A meteor shower appears and once you catch a star, it turns into a new keyblade.”

Speaking of keyblades, the industry insider noted how “there are two keyblades in the beta test” known as Fortune Gear and Light Order. “Much like in Union X, as the keyblade gets stronger, it takes on a slightly different appearance,” Aitaikimochi described.

This comes in the wake of that news that details about the character customization and combat in Kingdom Hearts Missing Link have now surfaced. When it comes to the former, players appear to have a rather robust range of options, being able to change their clothes, accessories, hairstyle, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, hair color, eye color, and more. As for the latter, players can apparently switch between their two keyblades during combat, one being focused on ranged attacks and the other on melee. Shotlocks will be present in the game as well.

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