Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road’s Closure Delayed Till June

A service announcement from Square Enix has announced that Kingdom Hearts Union x Dark Road’s closure has been delayed until June 17.

The closure of Union X was originally slated to be taking place April 30, so the delay has given the game another month and a half of service.

The reasoning behind the delay is that the finale will now be released in two separate parts, although the specific dates for that have not yet been announced. With the service ending in a month and a half, it would make sense to see the first half of the story sometime in May, and the second half on the closing date of the app.

Square Enix’s original plan for the closure was to release the final story update on April 30, before turning the game into an offline app, but this new plan seems to indicate that the story plans are a bit bigger than anticipated and require it being split into two halves. It could also simply mean that Square is giving players more time, or that shutting down the system has become a bit more complicated.

Although its role as a mobile game may make it seem unimportant, both Union X and Dark Road have both had plot-important details that might carry on into the future of the series, so this finale might actually contain important details. The most recent story updates have shed more light on Ventus’ identity, so expect that to play a big role moving forward.

According to KHInsider, the service announcement also clarifies that PvP will be ending on May 28, with Raid Events following on May 29, and Weekly Missions being the last to go on May 30. The final announcement to come is that no more PvE sessions will come to Dark Road, besides the final one that will be taking place on April 25. For all intents and purposes, it seems like most of the game’s functionality will be removed by the end of May.

For those who are unaware, Square Enix announced earlier in the year that the online service for Union X would be coming to an end, with the app turning into a theatre mode for the game’s story.

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