Kirby’s Dream Buffet: Tips For Winning Battle Royale

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  • Keep An Eye On Your Score
  • Beware The Tongs
  • Attack At Every Opportunity
  • Pay Attention To Spawn Points
  • Listen For The Music To Change

Every Gourmet Grand Prix in Kirby's Dream Buffet culminates in a Battle Royale. In these four-player brawls, everyone scrambles to collect the most strawberries while avoiding the stage's many hazards and the attacks of their opponents. More than any other game mode, Battle Royale can see the player in last place suddenly find themselves in first, and vice versa!

Surviving the chaos of a Battle Royale is easiest if you pay attention to everything that's going on around you. With the right tricks up your sleeve, you can ensure that you're the one with the most strawberries when the timer runs out!

Keep An Eye On Your Score

Your strawberry count will move up and down rapidly during a Battle Royale. Knowing your current ranking will let you know how aggressive you need to be; if you're in first place, try to stay away from the other players who will be gunning for your strawberries. If you're lagging behind the rest of the pack, look for Food Copy Abilities to try and turn the tide.

Beware The Tongs

Master Hand will frequently intervene in the proceedings, trying to pick up players with his tongs and carry them offstage. The tongs will always target the player with the most strawberries nearby – if you hear them clacking while you're in first, keep moving no matter what and avoid jumping to avoid getting caught.

When the tongs are around, never use the Stone or Drill Copy Food Abilities. These cause Kirby to jump up in the air wherever he is, making him a sitting duck for the tongs!

Attack At Every Opportunity

Attacks from Food Copy Abilities will be fast and frequent throughout a Battle Royale. Whenever you get one, use it as soon as you can to try and knock one or more opponents off the platform. Each time you do, you'll get some of their strawberries!

The exception to this is Jelly, which is more defensive in nature. It can be used to dodge other players' attacks, saving your strawberries.

Pay Attention To Spawn Points

Each stage only has a few locations where item boxes will spawn. These are usually near the edges of the stage and on raised platforms. If it's been a while since you've seen a box in a location where one usually appears, head in that direction to get there before anyone else – chances are you'll see an item box spawn very soon!

Listen For The Music To Change

When the music changes, that means the timer is about to run out! During the last fifteen seconds or so of a Battle Royale, vast quantities of strawberries and item boxes will appear. This is the most intense part of the fight!

When the Battle Royale is nearly over, you can often gain an advantage by staying away from the other players. While they're fighting over strawberries on one side of the stage, you can wait on the other side for a pile of strawberries to drop in, and gobble them up before your opponents ever have a chance. Staying above the fray also makes it less likely that you'll be taken out by a late attack; it's possible to be toppled from first place at the very last moment by getting knocked out.

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