Kiwi Farms Has Been Removed From The Internet Archive, Erasing Old Threads

Cloudflare blocked "transphobic hate forum" Kiwi Farms last week over allegedly revealing private information (doxxing), swatting, stalking, and sending abuse, but old threads could still be found through the Internet Archive. That's changed as the "URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine."

For context, the Wayback Machine lets you find archived versions of websites that have since changed, been taken down, or gone lost. You can view older versions of web pages to see how they've changed over the years, or you can look for long-lost internet oddities tucked away in now-abandoned forums and threads. Usually, it's harmless, but with Kiwi Farms reportedly doxxing people and making threads dedicated to marginalised creators, activists, and journalists, accessing these old threads was intrinsically harmful.

The news was shared by Keffals, a trans streamer and activist who has been at the forefront of the movement to take Kiwi Farms down. She alleged that the site pushed her into hiding and forced her to flee the country, though photos she shared were used by members of the site to identify her whereabouts. They were able to do this by cross-referencing bed sheets and door knobs.

Internet Archives was one of the last places to view Kiwi Farms and its threads outside of screenshots. It briefly resurfaced via Russian servers but, in less than 24 hours, Russian provider DDoS Guard dropped the site entirely due to it violating its Acceptable Use Policy. As such, Kiwi Farms is inaccessible right now.

This means that bigoted threads, targeted harassment campaigns, and other alleged incidents such as doxxing and swatting, have all been removed, protecting those who have ended up on the website's radar.

The website owner even admitted that the site is dead amidst its deplatforming, while Kiwi Farms user Amelie Stefanie Körner has been charged by German prosecutors for cyberbullying, cyberstalking, hacking, doxxing, hate speech, and persecution of minorities.

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