League of Legends: Wild Rift Closed Beta Adds Six New Champions

League of Legends is getting six new champions to play in Wild Rift, and they are available now—if you’re in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand.

Wild Rift was alpha tested back in June with just a few thousand players. They were allowed to show footage of the gameplay and gave Riot their feedback on how everything felt. Those who were lucky enough to get a first look at the game said that the addition truly felt like League of Legends and they were excited to see what the beta testing would hold.

In a Dev Diary post on YouTube, we learned that the closed beta testing would begin today, with an end date of early October. Unfortunately, this beta testing will not only be limited by region but will also be by invite only. While the alpha phase focused on core gameplay, the beta will be addressing ranked matches, progression, balancing, and of course, introducing new champions to the mix. That being said, Riot is committed to ensuring that the game remains free-to-play friendly, so there won’t be any champions hidden behind paywalls.

Existing champions were fine-tuned so that they felt more consistent and were easier to play as. Feedback during the alpha suggested that there weren’t any major problems with the champions, so Riot opted to smooth out minor complaints rather than retool everything.

There will also be a new economy in Wild Rift that will allow you to make purchases without the need to spend real money. The invited players will only have about two or three weeks to test out the game—and economy—before testing is paused and everything is reset. However, all purchases made during the testing phase will be returned to players after the reset with an additional 20% added as a thank you for helping.

The gameplay for Wild Rift is looking promising overall. We think that the changes to the ranking system make sense for most players, but those in the higher tiers may find that it may be slightly too unforgiving. Of course, that’s what beta testing is designed for. Hopefully, the professionals are able to find the majority of the problems in Wild Rift before its full release. Either way, if you’re a League fan, we think you’re going to like this update.

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