Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild fan celebrates Nintendo game in best possible way

For anyone who is waiting for the next Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild game, there’s probably a lot of time to waste. Nintendo has yet to announce a release date for Link’s next adventure, and it could be months before we get the next big update on the project. Rumours of a Nintendo Direct being hosted this month will spark some hope of a new trailer being shown off by The Legend of Zelda team.

But until something big happens, fans have been celebrating the hit Nintendo Switch game in other ways.

One fan has taken it upon themselves to recreate the Nintendo Switch’s games arsenal in the most impressive way.

New images posted online by Reddit user Tomvdcr reveal a collection of homemade Link weapons that any Breath of the Wild fan would be proud of.

There are around 15 items shown in the new image and all of them have an incredible amount of detail put into them.

One of them would make a great piece for a fan to hang on the wall, and there’s plenty to choose from.

Commenting on the process of making the Zelda Breath of the Wild gear, Tomvdcr revealed: “I buy my foam from polyprops, and mostly draw my own pattern or freehand it.

“Working with foam is gonna take time and effort, could recommend looking at evil ted & punished props tutorials on YouTube.”

Adding: “For Ganondorf’s sword I build a base shape with PVC and foam, covered the whole thing with led strips, with the battery pack build into the handle and then covered all that with translucent foam, the flimsy packaging foam you get.”

Another eye-catching piece in the collection is the Sheikah Slate, which opens up to reveal a digital tablet screen.

Another post shows the inside of the Slate and is accompanied with the following story of how it was made: “After almost 2 years of wear and tear, throwing around my first sheikah slate, it was time to make a new one.

“Same design and technics, also little more led work into this one and again the selfie button again.

“All made from evafoam and some Sintra board to keep it sturdy, also made some space in it for my new phone.”

The Instagram page also reveals some impressive cosplay efforts made for other games, like Halo, Doom, Dark Souls and Fallout 4.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild remains one of the Nintendo Switch’s best selling games. It’s sold millions since it launched with the handheld console back in 2017 and was also launched on Wii U.

Nintendo has revealed its plans to launch a sequel but has yet to give Breath of the Wild 2 a release date. And when it does finally hit shelves, we can expect more amazing efforts to be made by the fanbase to help celebrate the game too.

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