Lies Of P Dev Says Last Trailer’s Bloodborne Vibe "Definitely Wasn’t Intentional"

Lies of P's lead producer says that the Bloodborne vibe that many players felt in the latest trailer wasn't intentional, despite many claims that the Round8 game is clearly inspired by FromSoftware titles.

Shortly after the Pinocchio-inspired Souls-like Lies of P showed off its first gameplay trailer, revealing dynamic combat with reactive counter-attacks, the game's lead producer, Ji-Won Choi, spoke with Kotaku about the Bloodborne comparisons coming from players.

According to the producer, the devs have never tried to replicate the feeling of Yharnam with Lies of P's fallen city of Krat, despite the similar look. "Though we're greatly honoured that many players felt the 'Bloodborne vibe' through our trailer release, it definitely wasn't intentional," Ji-Won Choi said. "Still, Bloodborne and other Souls-like titles are certainly inspirational."

Ji-Won Choi continued to say that the major source of inspiration is a "high level of craftsmanship" found in each frame of action in FromSoftware games, soRound8 is "trying to polish the motion with as much care."

Of course, players are supposed to die a lot during their journey in Lies of P. Ji-Won Choi also said that the game "is most Souls-like in the aspects of death penalty and difficulty level." If Lies of P is looking to replicate Bloodborne's difficulty level, it sounds like those scary, twisted automatons you see in the latest footage will provide a Bloodborne-worthy challenge.

Another difference from many other titles is that for Lies of P the devs wanted to find a setting that is neither a typical dark fantasy nor set in the Middle Ages. Turns out that The Belle Époque (19th century Europe) is perfect for this purpose, offering a rich environment of a once-great city falling apart.

Lies of P is in development for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Series S. According to the producer, the team is about 50 percent done with the base content but only around 30 percent finished overall, so the project is currently targeting 2023 for now.

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