Lil Gator Game: How To Find Every Friend

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Lil Gator Game is a heartfelt adventure game where the bittersweet feeling of growing up is complemented by the joy gamers and game devs alike experience in the production of games. On your journey across two islands, you play as a young gator gathering friends to convince your elder sister to play with you like she used to.

Altogether, there are fifty-seven friends to encounter and finish their mini-quests. However, you only need to find and help thirty-five in order to complete the main quest, and you can always go back to find the rest of the friends once the game is complete. That being said, it can be a little tricky finding them all when there's no map to guide you on your journey.

Getting Started

To make things easier, we can divide the game into four main areas:

  • The Small Island
  • The Great Oak
  • The Splash Pad
  • The Amphitheater

The last three are all on the Big Island and have the highest ratio of findable friends per area. There is no order to the areas once the tutorial section on the Small Island is finished, so you can circle the island at your leisure and even come back to areas you've already passed later.

Once you have found a friend and completed their quest, they will go to the Playground (next to the Radio Tower) and hang out there for the remainder of your game. However, if you spy them still out and about on the island, don't fret. They do tend to come back and hang out at the spot you first found them, so you haven't lost count.

You can determine if a friend's quest has been completed if the question mark icon above their head is missing.

The Small Island

The Small Island is the tutorial area where you'll get the first set of "equipment" for your journey. Every adventurer needs a sword, a shield, and pointy hat, of course!

The tutorial features three main quests, and each main quest unlocks the first half of the requirements to recruit three friends. Altogether, there are seven friends to find.

Small Island Friends




Jill (Part One)

At the picnic area to the left of where you start, surrounded by monsters.

Find the Wooden Stick at the hill nearby and break the monsters surrounding Jill.

Martin (Part One)

Sitting in a lounge chair at the top of the hill to the right of the start area.

Run down to the pot nearby and return it to Martin for a Pot Shield.

Avery (Part One)

In the mountains past the Bracelet Man and beyond Simon. Follow the wooden ladders, climbing up and heading left once the option is available. They stand next to a wooden FOOD sign.

Craft your hat for 100 scraps.

Bracelet Man (Part One)

Across the small pond, the tight rope, and into the mountains. Standing near the waterfalls.

Buy his bracelet for 100 scraps (necessary to progress).


Climb the first ledge behind the Bracelet Man and turn left to find Simon there against the trees.

Pass Avery's location, smash through a line of monsters, and look left between two trees.


Sliding down the hill from the lounge chair where Martin is, go around the corners to the cliffs. Climb up and find Gerald the Giraffe standing at the top, surrounded by monsters.

Smash the monsters surrounding him.


Go back to where you found the stick for Jill after her quest is complete.

Speak with Franny to receive a Wooden Sword.

The Great Oak

The Great Oak area will likely be the first you encounter on the Big Island. You can find the central Great Oak by immediately facing right from the shore you land on when first stepping foot on Big Island and meeting Esther. All areas near here will count as the Great Oak area, stretching across all the woods up until the Playground.

Altogether there are twenty-one friends to find in this area, with one of them being the recurring Bracelet Man, who can sell you more bracelets to increase your stamina.

Great Oak Friends





Approaches you on the main shore upon arrival.

Speak with her and ask for directions.


To the right of the shore, climb the two trees against the cliffs nearby and, once at the top, take a short left to find Gunter in the grass.

Accept Gunter as your sidekick, follow him, and talk to him twice.


Found on top of the nearby cliffside, to the right of the main shore facing the waterfalls.

Destroy all the monsters on and above the waterfalls.

Sorin, Beeretney, and Roe

Sitting together on the long cliffside to the right of the beginning shore, past Penelope, and past a long row of a hoard of monsters.

Choose to give (from left to right) Roe chips, Beeretney lasagna, and Sorin apple slices.

Jill (Part Two)

At the base of the Great Oak with her three friends.

Complete all her friends' quests (Susanne, Gene, and Antone).


At the base of the Great Oak on the left side.

Jump down by Billy the Whale, go past him, and find the Beach Rock behind a boulder. Return it to Susanne, follow her instructions, and receive a Paleolithic Tool.


On the first level of the Great Oak tree house.

Climb the nearby hill and hit monsters until you drop a grilled cheese sandwich. Return it to Gene to receive a Dinner Plate Shield.


At the base of the Great Oak on the right side between two roots.

Find the beetle resting on the tree stump in the grove beyond the Tree House in the thickly wooded area.

Billy the Whale

Just past the Great Oak and down the cliffside in the water.

Remove the bowling ball from his spout.


On the hill where you do Gene's quest (destroying monsters), find Eva on one of the ledges with a camera.

Climb the trees in the distance, hopping between them as needed, and scare the bird sitting atop the tallest one. Return to receive a Camera.

Bracelet Man (Part Two)

At the very, very top of the Great Oak.

Pay 500 scraps to receive another bracelet.

Pot Kid

Near the tree house and beyond the black monster cutouts lining the stream.

Hit the large and conspicuous pot several times until it breaks and reveals Pot Kid.


Past Pot Kid and on the cliff overlooking several tightropes.

Complete Pepperoni's obstacle course.

TIP: Recommended to jump from the start switch (on the tall rock next to Pepperoni) and glide over to the tallest mountain on the right. Work your way around the course from the back and then to the front until it is completed. This may take a few tries, but there is no penalty for failure.


Found on the main path to the Great Oak and just beside the Playground.

Complete Tiffany's questline.


Found next to Carol just up the small hall, surrounded by pink monsters and sitting at a tea table.

Destroy all the monsters that are NOT pink, talk to Tiffany, and then interrupt Carol's phone call.


Just past the Great Oak, follow the stream to a ledge with a pot on it. She is standing under it.

Pretend you can't hear her.


From Trish, head straight ahead along the water and just above a shored-up boat, he stands on a ledge above.

Complete Romeo's quest, speak to Romeo a second time, and hit Oscar with the Nunchaku weapon.


Across from Oscar, at a large lake where there are two boats on the shore, he is standing at a small camp nearby.

Step on the challenge switch and defeat the five monsters circling camp nearby within the time limit.

NOTE: One is hiding at the top of the large rock behind camp.


Sitting at the camp with Romeo.

Pay her 500 scraps to receive a Paper Shuriken.

The Splash Pad

Beyond the Playground is the Splash Pad, where Martin and his friends hang out – in a cool kind of fashion. This area includes the shore down below and the hills beneath the towering windmill. Most of your friends will be found along the shore, and if you get lost, it's recommended to follow the water pipes you find sticking out of the ground along the way.

There are seventeen friends to find in this area, including the recurring Bracelet Man.

Splash Pad Friends





Directly next to the Playground and down the hill a bit, he sits at a stand (follow the signs that state "Junk 4 Sale").

Purchase all of his items (total cost = 2,094 scraps).


From the Great Oak area, he is along a long bluff through a horde of monsters.

Destroy his monsters and pay him 80 scraps as an apology.

Marlow and Cade

They are on adjacent piers overlooking the water. Marlow is sitting on a rail while Cade is standing on his own.

Speak to Marlow, then to Cade, and go back and forth until Cade is convinced to jump. Speak to Marlow one final time, and both will become friends


On the same shore as Marlow and Cade, he stands on a small ledge just above the sand.

Chase after the pencil he drops three times in nearby areas.

WARNING: The second throw can be a little hard to see. If you didn't see the pencil, you can find it on the ledge up above.

Skate Pug

Going across the water from the shore with the previous three, find him on a mini island.

Destroy the five monsters on the island in the allotted time after stepping on the start switch.


In the same bay as the others, follow the shoreline to a waterfall with a bridge in front of it. He's standing at the base next to a parasol.

Defeat all the monsters on the cliffside above him.

Mr. Doddler

Climb the hill from the beach shore, he's standing in front of his white house.

Clean away all the monsters on his roof.


Running around on the path in front of Mr. Doddler's house.

Speak to Joe at any time after you've talked to Martin and his friends at the Splash Pad and choose Pose 3.


Between the shore and Mr. Doddler's house, he's sitting in a cozy corner by a table with a chess set.

Speak to him and then attack the table & chess set to send it flying.


Down the hill from the Playground in a water area surrounded by monsters.

Defeat the nearby monsters.


Above the waterfall area where Virag stands, she stands at the water's edge.

Find her item at the base of the waterfalls, under the bridge, and return it to her.

Martin (Part Two)

Standing at the Splash Pad with his friends.

Complete all his friends' quests (Lucas, Duke, and Jada).

TIP: You can find all of his friends once they've split by following the pipes leading away from the Splash Pad. If you're ever lost, return to the Splash Pad and follow a pipe without water in it.


Follow the pipes from the Splash Pad toward where Becca stands at the base of a small waterfall.

During the trial, select "Lie," "Truth," and "Doubt" in that order.


From the Splash Pad, follow the pipes toward the beach, cross the tight ropes linking the beach to a small island, and he's standing next to the pump.

Talk to Lucas. Your decisions here don't necessarily matter. Answer three times to end the chat.


Follow the pipes from the Splash Pad down the cliff past the Junk 4 Sale sign, where she stands at the bottom.

Cut some grass to return clippings to Jada, get some water from the beach below, and break the Junk 4 Sale sign above.

Bracelet Man (Part Three)

Standing on top of the windmill behind the Splash Pad.

Pay him 500 scraps to receive another bracelet.

The Amphitheater

Sitting atop the high mountains on the far side of the island is the Amphitheater area. This area is fairly straightforward as most of your friends will be found along the path leading to the mountain summit. If you get lost, keep climbing upward until you find either the Amphitheater or the main road to re-orient yourself.

There are seventeen friends to find along your path.

Amphitheater Friends





Walking on the main path between the Splash Pad and the Amphitheater ascent.

Speak to Madeleine and admit you might be a little lost.


Sitting on the waterfront along the path.

Skip a rock across the water more than three times.

TIP: Rather than trying to throw your rock far, angle your cursor a little closer to the water without pointing straight down to get the furthest skip.


Diverging from the path to the right, enter the cave system and follow the path up the mountain to a long walkway where he's pacing.

Jump down below to fetch the green scooter hidden in the grassy area in front of a large monster. Repair it for 50 scraps and return it to Kasen.


In the green grove where Kasen's scooter was found, follow the water out to the ocean and over the waterfall. Jump over the waterfall edge to find her standing to the right, on a large rock.

Use your shield, surf across the water, and press the relevant button when touching the water to bounce on top of it.


On the cliffside adjacent to Zhu (and visible from Kasen's location), climb the cliffs to find Mochi standing on a ledge.

Speak to him.


Up the road from Zhu and along the ascent, he's in a grove of trees to the left of the path.

Destroy the monsters surrounding him three times.


On the main path, he's standing between two large rock formations behind a row of pots.

Break all the cardboard pots and none of the real ones.


On the way up to the amphitheater, they're running around in a grove of autumn-colored trees.

Jump (off a ledge) and ragdoll; (requires finishing Simon's questline on the Small Island).


On the mountain path and to the left of a blue island map sign, he's standing on a short ledge.

Destroy all the pots on the cliffs behind and above him.

Avery (Part Two)

At the amphitheater.

Complete all her friends' quests (Velma, Andromeda, and Esme).


Jump from the amphitheater ledge down into a grove filled with cardboard candles. Follow them to a large hole in the ground to enter the cave (not far from Zhu) and find Esme on a cardboard throne.

Get Esme ice cream, return, and try leaving. When prompted, choose "Magic spell".


From the hole that leads to the cave where Esme is, follow the mountain road up back toward the Amphitheater into the cactus cardboard patch where she's waiting further in.

Catch all three of the cows/siblings.


Directly down the main road from the Amphitheater, she's waiting on the edge of the mountain in plain view.

Destroy all the green monsters with your main weapon, defeat the reinforcements with your new blaster, and use the blaster to burst all the balloons holding the "mothership".


To the left of where Velma was standing, she's crouched behind a cactus.

Comfort her.

Bracelet Man (Part Four)

On the top-most summit of the mountain above the Amphitheater.

Purchase another bracelet for 500 scraps.


On the road Amphitheater, she can be found hanging by a bundle of balloons at the bottom of a sledding slope.

Pop the balloons holding Darcie up.

TIP: It is recommended to either wait to use Andromeda's Blaster Gun, the Paper Shuriken from Sierra, or the gun bought from Roy.


Following the coastline from Darcie, find him on the coast on a small grassy ledge.

Destroy all the monsters in front of and behind the start switch with your explosive bowling ball.

Playground And Endgame

To complete the main quest, you'll need to find at least thirty-five friends and complete the four questlines for Tom (a friend you can only find in the Playground and whose quest is complete by speaking with him), Martin, Jill, and Avery. Each building requires a certain amount of friends, but where the friends came from doesn't matter:

  • Tom's Castle: Five Friends
  • Jill's Mansion: Ten Friends
  • Avery's Juice Bar: Ten Friends
  • Martin's Marketplace: Ten Friends

Once all the buildings are complete, you can talk to the group of friends in the center of the Playground and finish the main quest. In the Post-Game, speaking to Avery at the top of the Juice Bar will give you the Megaphone. Equip it, and you'll be able to locate any friends you missed along your journey.

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