Limited Edition Sonic Shoes Have Disappeared From Fila’s Website

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 officially speeds into cinemas today in the UK. Apologies to those of you in North America who still have another week to wait. Promise you won't find any here but be on the lookout for spoilers. Early indications suggest the sequel to the surprisingly successful first movie is every bit as good as the first, if not a little better. It has Knuckles voiced by Idris Elba so really, it was also going to be a marked improvement.

Sonic has pretty much been everywhere you look these past few weeks during the build to the movie's launch, and Fila went about extending that to when you look down at your feet. The sportswear company announced it had teamed up with Paramount yesterday, showing off some Sonic-themed Ray Tracer Evo trainers modeled after the blue blur's iconic fast boots.

As you can see in the tweet below, the product the two entities joined forces to create is pretty special. A must-have for any die-hard Sonic fan. The only problem is, less than 24 hours after the collab was announced and the sneakers were revealed, the real-life fast boots appear to be all sold out. If you click the link in the tweet below, which is supposed to take you to the store page where you can buy them, you're met with a “page not found” message and no Sonic shoes in sight.

While Sonic finds fast boots in item boxes in the original games and actually has shoes that look like the ones above on his feet the entire time, he is gifted them in the first movie. The hedgehog reveals it's the first gift he has ever been given after having to live in the shadows for years through fear humans would hunt him down and kill him. That fear is realized when the US government sends Dr. Robotnik after him.

The sequel's series of events is obviously pretty different. Robotnik has managed to find his way back to Earth after being banished to a mushroom planet, and he's brought Knuckles with him. Sonic has a sidekick of his own in Tails who arrived during the first movie's credits. A third Sonic movie and a Knuckles spinoff series have already been announced, but it was also revealed future projects won't necessarily follow the same timelines of the games as the first two movies (sort of) have.

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