Lloyd Kaufman To Make An Appearance In VR Game Djinni & Thaco

We’ve already talked about how interesting the upcoming VR game Djinni & Thaco: Trial by Spire looks – but the wacky game is going a step further and including a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman. If you don’t quite remember him from Guardians of the Galaxy (where he appeared as an uncredited prisoner), you might know him as the producer of Troma’s War or Tromeo and Juliet.

Sure, neither of those titles are what you’d call mainstream, but looking deeper into them, they certainly fit in perfectly with what we’re expecting from the Djinni & Thaco game. Tromeo and Juliet, for example, follows the story of a filmmaker in love with the daughter of his partner-turned-competitor.

So far so good, right? Except the cast of the film includes roles such as “Fabio – Penis Monster Guy,” Lloyd Kaufman himself in a role titled “Found His Penis – After Much Searching,” and “Guy Who Says ‘You got to work hard to get ahead in life’ and Then Looks at the Camera.” There’s also “Guy Who Got Pissed Off Sitting Around to Do a Nude Scene All Day and then We Cut Him Out of the Film.”

This gives us a good idea of who Lloyd Kaufman is, and combined with the absurdity of Djinni & Thaco (described as “bippity boppity bullsh*t” in the trailer), we now have a better idea of what to expect from the game, which is just a lot of funny nonsense. But who ever said humor had to make sense?

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