Loop Hero: How To Beat Chapter 3 Boss The Hunter

If you’ve gotten to chapter three of Loop Hero then well done, you’ve passed the biggest spike in difficulty the game has. Chapter three is still no walk in the park – it’s more like a walk around an ever-changing death-loop designed to slowly drive you to madness.

Still, the Hunter – the big bad at the end of chapter three – is beatable, but he is also the toughest boss fight so far, so you’ll need a fair bit of luck to beat him. These tips should help level the playing field, but feel free to adapt them to whatever strategy suits you most.

Choosing The Best Class

The Hunter has two hell hounds with black holes for stomachs that will absolutely shred you. They have a strange ability where they’re guaranteed to get a critical hit on you every few hits. The Hunter himself also never misses, so evasion is a fairly useless stat to be boosting.

As for your class, the best option is either a warrior with very high vampirism and regen, or a necromancer with high attack speed and summon quality. You need a class that’s going to be able to withstand a lot of blows. If you aren’t sure how to manage this, here’s how to unlock them all.

Maximizing Your Chances of Success

The necromancer seems best, as once your summoning quality is around 30-50% you’ll be able to regularly summon skeleton guards that will draw all of your enemies’ attacks. You want to ensure your skeleton level is equal to or higher than the current loop you’re on. This is the stat that buffs up the damage output and health of your undead minions, so it’s absolutely vital.

You should be able to get through the loops with three skeletons, but for the boss, you’ll definitely want four at least, although six would be ideal, as the ranged attacks can do constant damage.

The best way to boost your attack speed is to have forest and thicket cards. Also, using spider cocoons and ruins will ensure you’re consistently getting good gear and are able to scale your stats effectively with each passing loop.

Summon quality of 30-50% is what you want to regularly spawn skeleton guards, but 30% is fine if you need to add some more attack speed or skeleton level.

Choosing The Best Traits

As for traits, if you can get Field Practise or Unseen Care early you’ll be in with a much higher chance of winning. Field Practise gives your skeletons an extra 0.25 level per loop, which helps them keep on par with loop enemies and the Hunter. Unseen Care boosts your magic HP by 0.5 for every skeleton you summon, so that builds up incredibly quickly.

Edge of Impossible is another great trait – it gives you a 20% chance to spawn one extra skeleton, so it’s ideal for helping you gain a much-needed edge over the Hunter.

As for the fight itself, good luck. Even with high summon quality, skeleton level, and attack speed, the critical hits and the fact the Hunter never misses are a tough combination to go up against. That being said, it’s not impossible.

This strategy does require some luck, but it’s a roguelike, so that’s to be expected. Also, you have to kill every enemy in the boss fight to win, not just the Hunter. His dogs vanish every couple of attacks, so you’ll likely kill him first but still have to deal with his hounds.

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