Madden 23: Beginner’s Guide For Face Of The Franchise

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The changing of the season brings shorter and cooler days, but more importantly, the return of Madden football. Madden 23 is back with its tried and true game modes that capture the intensity of NFL football.

Similar to other sports games, Madden 23 puts you in the spotlight with Face of the Franchise. In this mode, you’ll create a player and grind your way to the Hall of Fame. We’ll break down the dos and don’ts in your journey toward superstardom on the gridiron.

Player Creation

Figuring out how you want to create your player is the most important part of Face of the Franchise. There are three different types of body builds to choose from: Agile, Balanced, and Bruiser. Each build offers its own advantages and disadvantages, primarily dependent on which position you choose.

AgileStrengths: Fast and agile, capable of quick cutsWeaknesses: Lacks power, strength, and general toughnessHeight: 5'5 – 5'10Weight: 160 – 225Recommended position: Pass-catching running back, slot wide receiver, coverage linebacker, cornerback
BalancedStrengths: Combination of both speed and powerWeaknesses: Does not stand out in any physical aspectHeight: 5'9 – 6'2Weight: 180 – 250Recommended position: Quarterback, wide receiver
BruiserStrengths: Power oriented, excels in contact situationsWeaknesses: Lacks speed, quickness, and agilityHeight: 6'0 – 7'0Weight: 220 – 400Recommended position: Power running back, pass-rushing linebacker

Madden 23 offers five different positions to choose from: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, and Cornerback. Whichever position you choose, know that you will only play that position. In other words, if you create a quarterback and you hand the ball off to the running back, you don’t control the ball carrier.

Selecting A Team

Instead of being a college prospect that gets drafted to an NFL team, your player has already been in the league for five years. You’ll have contract offers from all 30 teams, but depending on what position you are, certain offers will be more lucrative than others. Each contract offer will have a letter grade that determines the quality of the offer based on your position and the team’s need. An offer might have a purple puzzle piece that indicates your type of play is a Scheme Fit, though the overall offer could still have a lower grade because the team lacks a need.

Even though your player will be rated in the low 70s, they’ll most likely slide into the starting lineup. It’s unrealistic to have a 73-rated player on top of the depth chart ahead of a 77-rated player, but the game wants you to have quality playing time. It’s important to choose a team that has a high need for you instead of your favorite team or a Scheme Fit team. The contract offer will be of higher value, and you’ll earn more in-game currency compared to lesser offers.

Upgrade Skills

Performing well in practice and games is the fast track to improving your player. You’ll receive Skill Points to boost your player’s core attributes, but they aren’t necessarily permanent. Madden 23 allows you to reset abilities and skill points for free, so feel free to build and rebuild your player. In addition to resetting your abilities and skill points for free, you can also freely change your body physique to change ratings and perks.

Another way to earn Skill Points is by participating in the Yard. This mode is strictly online and will pit you against other players. Based on your performance in the Yard, you’ll earn additional points to continue leveling up your player. There are also cosmetic items available to further customize your player.

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