Magic The Gathering: 10 Strongest New Cards From Commander Legends

The most recently released Magic: The Gathering set, Commander Legends was designed around the largely popular Commander Format. Bringing back fan-favorite mechanics such as partner and “the monarch,” Commander Legends is giving commander players numerous powerful new tools to slot into their decks.

While many cards in this set will likely become mainstays in the Commander format, the set even contains potent cards that will surely find their homes in eternal formats like Legacy and Vintage. So today, we’re going to examine the cards of Commander Legends and see which are the most worth playing!

10 Keeper Of The Accord

When it comes to white in Commander, the color simply can’t seem to get a break. This is largely in part to the color’s lack of means of producing large sums of mana, drawing additional cards, and accruing card advantage.

Despite this, Keeper of the Accord is definitely a step in the right direction. This is because this card allows a player to reliably catch up with their opponent’s resources. At the end of each opponent’s turn, if that player controls more creatures than this card’s owner, Keeper of the Accord’s controller creates a 1/1 solider token. Similarly, this creature has a similar ability that rather than catching up with creatures, it allows its controller to tutor for lands.

9 Wheel Of Misfortune

The Original Wheel of Fortune is a card as iconic as it is powerful, forming an entire archetype in the Commander format. Forcing each player to discard their hand and draw a new seven, the card can refill one’s hand while disrupting one’s opponents. However, as a card on the reserve list, the card demands a hefty price tag. While a more complex card, requiring players to secretly choose numbers and lose life, Wheel of Misfortune is a much more budget-friendly alternative that is likely to see its fair share of play.

8 Amphin Mutineer

In Commander, the ability to deal with an opponent’s threats in the form of removal is paramount. Amphin Mutineer is a creature capable of not just removing one creature, but four. Upon entering the battlefield, this creature can exile any non-salamander creature, providing its controller with a humble 4/3 salamander warrior token. However, with this creature’s encore ability, it can essentially be recast from the graveyard, creating a copy of itself for each opponent!

7 Jeweled Lotus

Easily the most polarizing card in Magic’s recent history, Jeweled Lotus is a card that players either love or hate. Similar to the iconic Black Lotus, this zero mana artifact can be sacrificed in exchange for three mana of any one color. However, this card comes with the restriction that this mana can only be used to cast one’s commander.

This essentially means that in the early stages of a game, this card can provide a player with a nearly unparalleled advantage, while in the later stages, it could be completely useless. When paired with the larger decks of the format, this makes the card inconsistent to say the least.

6 Court Of Bounty

Court of Bounty is Green’s representative from this set’s cycle of mono-colored Court enchantment cards. While each of these Courts is useful in their own right, Green’s power definitively outweighs that of the others. Making its controller the monarch upon entering the battlefield, Court of Bounty allows its controller to play an additional land during their upkeep. However, if this card’s controller is the monarch, they can put any creature from their hand directly into play, subverting high mana costs and putting terrifying cards into play early into a game.

5 Commander’s Plate

Many of the most sought after equipment cards in Commander are those that can reliably protect one’s commander from targeted removal. Commander’s plate is a card that can do this in spades, especially in the right decks. An artifact for a single mana, while it totes a costly equip cost of five, equipping this armor to a commander only costs three mana.

Once equipped, this armor provides the equipped creature with +3/+3 and protection from each color not within its controller’s commander’s color identity. In mono-colored decks, this card can provide protection that rivals that of the Legendary Progenitus.

4 Kodama Of The East Tree

Now one of the most powerful partner commanders in all of Magic, Kodama of the East Tree is a mono-green creature that most decks would be happy to include a six mana 6/6, whenever a permanent enters the battlefield under this creature’s owner’s control, they may put any permanent with a lesser or equal mana cost onto the battlefield. Not only does this allow countless spells to be cast for free, it allows a player to play numerous extra lands!

3 “Enemy Battlebond Lands”

While this entry may appear to be a cop out, the strength of the “Battlebond lands” cannot be undervalued. Originally appearing in Battlebond, these dual lands don’t enter the battlefield tapped as long as their controller has two or more opponents. This means that in a multiplayer format like Commander, they will almost always enter untapped! While Battlebond only features these types of lands in allied color combinations, Commander Legends finished this stellar cycle with the enemy color pairings!

2 Hull Breacher

Being able to prevent an opponent from drawing additional cards is a potent means of limiting a foe’s resources. However, converting an opponent’s additional draw into resources for one’s self is even better.

A blue 3/2 with flash, Hull Breacher is a merfolk pirate that states whenever an opponent would draw a card besides their first draw each turn, instead of that player drawing that card, Hull Breacher’s controller creates a treasure token! Affordable and providing a stellar counter for decks that seems to just keep digging for more cards, Hull Breacher si sure to make an impact on Magic.

1 Opposition Agent

Like Hull Breacher, Opposition Agent is a creature with flash that steals an opponents’ resources. However, this card is significantly crueler, and is likely to have a home in formats such as Legacy and Vintage.

Whenever an opponent would search their library, Opposition Agent allows its controller to choose the card they search, putting that card in exile. As if that weren’t enough, as long as that card remains in exile, Opposition Agent allows spells exiled with it to be cast by its owner! The icing on this diabolical cake is that Opposition Agent can be cast for the low cost of only three mana!

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