Magic: The Gathering Artist Receives Unannounced Card In Secret Lair Box

A few months ago, we got a sneak peek at one of the most anticipated Secret Lair drops ever to hit Magic: The Gathering. To go along with the cyberpunk theme of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, Wizards of the Coast hired artist Ben Schnuck to create a set of synthwave full-art lands. The total lack of shading meant that the only difference between the island and mountain cards was the color of the lines, but that’s unlikely to deter anyone but the most colorblind of Magic players.

Appropriately called “Shades Not Included,” Schnuck's synthwave Secret Lair should be shipping soon. Schnuck himself got the Secret Lair drop a bit early, and not only did he get his distinctive full-art lands, but he also got an unannounced, one-of-a-kind card as well.

For those unaware, Secret Lair drops can also come with an extra card or two unrelated to the drop's theme. Sometimes these cards are desirable but relatively common, such as foil basic lands, but occasionally they can be incredibly rare or even never-before-seen cards.

In Schnuck's case, he got a borderless foil Horned Sliver. A staple of any Sliver-themed Commander deck, Horned Sliver gives all Slivers trample for when you absolutely have to demolish an opponent in a single swing.

As far as Schnuck is aware, he's the only person in the world with a copy. This makes Schnuck's Sliver perhaps one of the most valuable cards in Magic, but as a huge Sliver fan, it doesn't look like Schnuck plans to part with his new Horned Sliver anytime soon.

In other Magic news, two new preconstructed decks are coming in the fall that will get players into the popular Pioneer format. Both decks will follow meta-defining archetypes, so players can dive into the format secure in the knowledge they're competing with a winning strategy that won't break the bank. Being budget-friendly, these decks still have room for improvement if the player finds they really jive with that particular strategy.

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