Magic: The Gathering Fan Turns Old Booster Packs Into Advent Calendar

It's the festive season and, to celebrate, one Magic: The Gathering fan has put together their very own advent calendar using old packaging. The board goes from one to 25, left to right, with five rows and columns, consisting of Spark, Ikoria, Core 2021, Strixhaven, and more.

But capping it off is Time Spiral, Modern Horizons 2 and Double Masters 2022, making for a very merry Christmas.

While Time Spiral didn't prove too popular on release with newer fans, it did wonders for drawing in old-timers, being a heavily nostalgic set. Modern Horizons 2 meanwhile boasts a huge amount of powerful cards that went on to become format staples – you likely recognise the likes of Ragavan, Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth, and Urza's Saga, all hailing from MH2. And then we have Double Masters 2022, a newer set that was incredibly high-value on launch, making it a pricey addition to the advent calendar.

The poster, Gunar21, explained, "I've been working on this for several years. With each new set I get 4 packs (either from LGS, prize packs from draft, whatever) and set them aside. I finally had enough to finish the calendar! And if I keep up with my current 4-packs ill have enough to do this every year. Board is made of old packaging…booster boxes. prerelease kits, etc. After they are opened I'll repack them in brown paper for a new years "phantom" chaos draft! (all of them are draft packs except that jumpstart, which will be excluded from the chaos draft)".

Magic does have its own official advent calendar, the 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit, that sold for $149.99. It had 30 wrapped cards, one from each year of Magic's run, with alternate art to boot. However, it sold out incredibly fast and, expectedly, got into the hands of scalpers who sold it at extortinate prices online. Given that it's much harder to get your hands on it now, a custom, fan-made alternative seems the better option.

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