Magic: The Gathering Will Have Official Dungeons & Dragons Set Based In The Forgotten Realms

The crossover that people have waited decades to see is finally happening, as one of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering sets will be based on the Forgotten Realms setting from Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons was originally owned by a company called TSR, but the game was purchased by Magic creators Wizards of the Coast at the end of the ’90s, which led to the release of the third edition of the game. Despite the shared ownership, it took a long time for the two games to crossover, despite their similar concepts and settings. This changed in the most recent edition of Dungeons & Dragons, with both the Ravnica and Theros settings from Magic being turned into campaign worlds.

Dungeons & Dragons Magic the Gathering

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A new D&D/Magic crossover is about to take place, as the official Magic: The Gathering Twitter page has announced that one of the upcoming expansions will be based in the Forgotten Realms campaign world from Dungeons & Dragons, in a set called “Adventures in the Forgotten Realms”. This set is due to be released Q3 2021.

The possibilities for this crossover are amazing, as we could finally see characters like Drizzt Do’Urden, Elminster, and the Simbul turned into powerful Magic heroes. There is also the possibility of D&D magic items coming to Magic, in the form of basic objects like the Bag of Holding, all the way up to powerful artifacts, like Crenshinibon. If the set is successful, then we could see other D&D campaign worlds turned into sets in the future, like Dark Sun, Dragonlance, Eberron, Greyhawk, or even Spelljammer.

There have been numerous attempts at adapting D&D into board and card game formats over the years, but they never have the longevity of the tabletop game. Bringing the Forgotten Realms into Magic will be the perfect way to introduce the card game to the growing audience for the tabletop RPG, as they will be curious to see just how the residents of Faerun stack up against the established heroes and villains of the Magic world.

The “Adventures in the Forgotten Realms” set for Magic: The Gathering will be released in Q3, 2021.

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