Magic: The Gathering’s Pro Tour Returns With New Regional Qualifiers

It has been some time since Magic: The Gathering has hosted in-person tournaments, and even longer since the name Pro Tour has been uttered by Magic players. The last we heard of the Pro Tour was back in 2018 when it was rebranded as the Mythic Championship, then rebranded again as the Players Tour in 2020. It was scrapped entirely in 2021 thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now the Pro Tour is set to make a miraculous comeback.

And things are going to be a little different this time around. Replacing the old Grand Prix/Magicfest events will be regional championships that will be organized by local Magic establishments.

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”The past two years were not kind to Magic tabletop play—or, really, the world. While we pivoted to digital play as quickly as we could, we, like you, eagerly awaited the time when tabletop play could return,” wrote Wizards of the Coast in today’s announcement. “That time is nearly here.”

The new pro Magic format is fairly simple. Win at a regional event, and you’ll qualify for a regional championship. Win that event, and you’ll be invited to both the Magic Pro Tour and the Magic World Championship where you’ll compete against 127 other players for a piece of a $1 million prize.

Wizards has assembled a list of regional tournament organizers where players can get their start. Be sure to bookmark each site to find out where your nearest regional qualifier event will be held and what the rules will be. Regionals and Pro Tour events will have a rotation of Standard, Modern, Limited, and Pioneer formats, so be sure to check what format your qualifier will be. Regional qualifiers begin on July 2.

As for the Pro Tour, Wizards of the Coast hasn’t posted dates yet, but it expects tournaments to begin in early 2023. The ongoing pandemic makes exact dates and locations difficult to announce long in advance, so they’re not going to bother. Check back for more details as we get closer to next year. The Magic World Championship will also be held in the USA later in 2023, with more details forthcoming.

Winning a regional championship will get you invited to a Pro Tour event, but you can also qualify by playing digital formats too. Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic: The Gathering Online players will have their own path to the Pro Tour and World Championship, with Wizards set to release more details in the coming weeks.

The return of in-person Magic events is in stark contrast to today’s news that the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship will once again be cancelled thanks to the ongoing pandemic. It seems we’re still trying to figure out what the new normal will look like in the era of COVID-19.

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