Mario Golf: Super Rush Doesn’t Have Enough Content, According To Players

Mario Golf: Super Rush released this Friday, and quickly divided opinion. Both audiences and critics are split on the latest Mario spin-off title, scoring 4 out of 5 in our own review, but going as low as 2.5 in others. However, the game hasn’t been out long enough to have an audience score, so players are taking to Reddit to voice their opinions.

All in all, many are disappointed. While plenty of comments do highlight that the multiplayer is a great time with friends, it seems that a vast amount of players don’t see the game as good value for money, citing a short and unimaginative campaign as the main concern.

“The ‘campaign’ is nothing more than a long tutorial. The writing is stale, and the ‘voice acting’ is literally just two different things that each NPC says. Pretty unfortunate”, says u/Dora_De_Destroya in one of the top comments.

“A weak story mode and extremely limited course offering are the two things that will definitely keep me away, especially at $60.”, agrees u/Bubbleset. This sentiment is common in the thread, with many saying they feel the game better suited a cheaper price tag. “Rented this game and after playing a few hours there is no way in hell this game is worth $80 CAD. It’s a $40 game for sure”, says u/ClubActual.

A big of contention is the small number of courses, an issue that will of course affect both single-player and multiplayer. Right now, the game has seven courses, which players feel just isn’t enough in a fully priced game. However, there are no complaints on the actual courses themselves, and fans seem happy with the variety in their design.

For anyone feeling like the content is thin on the ground, there’s a silver lining. Nintendo has confirmed that updates are coming to Mario Golf: Super Rush, bringing more courses such as New Donk City. These updates will be free, according to Nintendo’s E3 presentation.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is out now, and is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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