Mario Kart Tour Heads To London, Introduces Bus Driver Waluigi

Mario Kart Tour is on the move again as the mobile game’s characters and karts have officially set up shop in London for two weeks.

As with what seems like almost everything that has been announced or released this year, the arrival of Mario Kart Tour was met with a lot of loud complaining. Most of that complaining related to the game’s focus on microtransactions. However, as has been proved by the release of Pokémon Sword & Shield, those doing most of the complaining appear to be a vocal minority.

We say that because Apple recently revealed Tour to be its most downloaded game of 2019. This is pretty impressive for a title that was only released in September. Nintendo is doing very well to keep the game fresh, making sure those millions of players remain interested. The main way in which it does that is by taking those players somewhere different every two weeks.

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This week marks a new tour on the game’s calendar, and this time around players are being whisked away to London, England. The new track introduced by the tour features pretty much every London stereotype a racer could hope for. Big Ben, London buses, and more Union Jacks than you can shake a green shell at.

A new tour means more than just a change of scenery, of course. There are also new characters for players to unlock- most notably, Bus Driver Waluigi. We’re not so sure British bus drivers wear tartan trousers held up by suspenders, but either way, we are definitely here for it. Holiday Cheer Daisy is the other racer players can vie for over the next two weeks.

The London Tour comes off the back of the Winter Tour and includes another festive addition to the character roster due to the time of year. As this two-week tour will come to an end on December 17, 2019, and the next one will begin the following day, chances are racers will be heading to a Christmas tour once London is all raced out. Get grinding so that Holiday Cheer Daisy and Bus Driver Waluigi can come along for the ride.

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