Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road Hot Wheels Set Is Up For Preorder

There are very few certainties in life, death and taxes according to Benjamin Franklin, but also that Mario Kart will sell well, always. So as Nintendo starts to become more permissive with its franchises, it’s no wonder then that Mario Kart toys are becoming more common.

Whether it’s Nintendo itself with Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, or through collaborations like the Lego Super Mario sets available right now, all of those fantastic games are expanding beyond the screen, onto established toy brands. Among those is Hot Wheels maker Mattel, who embarked on a partnership with Nintendo as early as 2018 to produce Mario Kart-themed models for a marriage made in heaven.

The first of these game-inspired Hot Wheels sets released last summer, but now an Amazon listing shows that both companies are bringing the legendary Rainbow Road from Mario Kart to life in all its scaled glory. It’s currently available for pre-order at only $119.99. Judging from the pictures, the Rainbow Road Raceway seems to borrow more from the design seen in the recent Mario Kart games, featuring a more modern “metallic” aesthetic adorned with generous splashes of color, all fairly customizable in true Hot Wheels fashion.

Rainbow Road Raceway includes a couple of Mario and King Boo model carts in 1:64 scale, though more racers can be purchased separately with prices ranging between $6-21 depending on the character. Or one could simply buy a 4-pack currently available for $33.25 which comes bundled with Dry Bones Donkey Kong, Luigi and an extra Mario driving a different kart. Also, the track requires three AAA batteries in order to show its full Rainbow magic.

The first wave of Mario Kart Hot Wheels products launched with three tracks: Piranha Plant Slide, Thwomp Ruins and Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit. With the inclusion of Rainbow Road, kids (and parents) can now play a full Hot Wheels Cup event at home. It bears saying that the Rainbow Road set only fits 5 racers.

Since the Rainbow Road Raceway is up for preorder on Amazon, potential buyers can take advantage of the site’s policies and book an early set without being charged right away. Sadly there’s no magical Rainbow Road shortcut in case they run out of stock.

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