Marvel Fans Think Professor X Is In Dr. Strange Super Bowl Spot

Spider-Man: No Way Home took the MCU in a new and unprecedented way at the end of 2021. So much so that Marvel fans have been given a little extra time to digest it all before the next MCU installment arrives on the big screen. Dr. Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness hits cinemas this May, and a brand new trailer for the movie debuted during Sunday night's Super Bowl.

The new ad for Dr. Strange 2 featured a lot more than your regular Super Bowl trailer. Perhaps most notably the reveal of a returning character. That's certainly been the biggest talking point ever since the new trailer dropped a few hours ago. With Strange standing in front of a group of people who appear to have assembled to judge him, someone moves forward and says “we should tell him the truth”.

It's not what's said, but rather the voice that says it. There's no denying it sounds an awful lot like Patrick Stewart, aka Professor Charles Xavier from the X-Men movies. The man speaking is only shown very briefly, but he appears to be bold and moves into the frame pretty smoothly as if he has done so while in a wheelchair. That has been enough to convince a lot of Marvel fans that the introduction of the multiverse now means our MCU heroes are about to meet the X-Men.

This potential debut of Professor X in the MCU hasn't come entirely out of nowhere. There have been rumors that Stewart would be a part of this movie, and the new trailer for Dr. Strange 2 does appear to have confirmed those rumors to be true. Perhaps Marvel hoped it would keep the return under wraps, but after the stresses of hiding Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Marvel returns, it couldn't handle three more months of people constantly asking about Stewart.

That being said, his return hasn't been officially confirmed just yet. Even if that is him in the trailer, which seems likely, there's no telling how exactly he fits into this multiversal mess Strange has created. It could well be a Xavier from another universe we've never met. The X-Men will be a part of the MCU eventually though, and Xavier's introduction in Dr. Strange 2 could well be what opens the door for the world's most famous mutants.

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