Marvel Snap Player Recreates 3D Rocket Raccoon Card In Real Life

Marvel Snap has been taking the card-playing and mobile gaming worlds by storm since its full launch last month. The one, tiny complaint some players might have is that the cards aren't available to use, collect, and play with in real life. One player has taken the first step towards changing that.

For the most part, card games start out physically and are eventually turned into video games. Uno can now be played on just about everything, and a virtual version of the Pokemon TCG launched this month, though it leaves a lot to be desired. Marvel Snap has approached things a little differently, which is why thosepearlywhites has taken it upon themselves to create a physical copy of one of their favorite cards.

The Marvel Snap player has shared their creation on Reddit, and it's pretty remarkable. Not starting simple, the player has created a 3D version of a Rocket Raccoon variant. The variant on which a smaller Rocket is firing off more weapons than can fit on the card, literally once you apply a frame break. Not only has thosepearlywhites included the frame break, but the physical card also has a 3D effect.

The replies have naturally praised the creation, while the top comment jokes about how many times the card needed to be upgraded in-game for it to turn into a physical version. As for how the card actually came about, its creator explains that they simply printed a screenshot from the game and then cut it by hand. A painstaking task considering the level of intricate detail around the edges of the card's frame.

There has been no talk of Marvel Snap's cards manifesting as official physical creations so far, but right now there's probably no desire to. A lot of people appear to be playing it anyway, especially following the start of season two to coincide with the arrival of Wakanda Forever. If you play it and you want to feel bad about your Snap skills, earlier this month a player registered a score of more than two billion in a single location, and they still lost.

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