Marvel Snap: The 10 Best Decks

Any card game, whether tabletop or online, thrives on having a metagame with lots of different strategies and decks. The newly released Marvel Snap is no different and is able to support lots of different strategies that are viable thanks to a mix of unique mechanics, as well as a big pool of cards.

Due to the different ways, the effects of cards work in Marvel Snap, many decks utilize different cards and have different ways to gain control of two locations by the end of the game. While some are significantly better than others, no single deck is oppressive enough to hurt the game.

10/10 Value Curve

Sample Decklist
WolfsbaneCaptain AmericaJessica Jones

This is the deck that most players use as their initial deck without even realizing it. Without focusing specifically on a particular strategy, this deck aims to play lots of high-value, low-cost cards and try to stay ahead of your opponent at all times.

The best thing about the strategy is that it can be mixed and matched with any other decks on this list. The aim is to spend the maximum energy you can each turn and play cards that give you the most benefit, even if they don't have incredibly game-altering effects. It is also quite fun to end on a Power card such as Iron Man or Giganto, sealing a location as your own.

9/10 Buffed up Swarm

Sample Decklist
Squirrel GirlNightcrawlerQuicksilver
Rocket RaccoonAngelaThe Punisher
KazarBlue MarvelOnslaught

This is the deck for you if you want to have tons of cards flood the field and not rely on a singular power card or effect. The primary purpose of this deck is to play lots of low-cost cards with good effects, such as Antman, Nightcrawler. and Squirrel Girl, before boosting them all up.

During the second half of the game, you should focus all your efforts on playing cards such as Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught, buffing your little characters to respectable strength. One of the most significant advantages of this deck is the unpredictability, as you will be playing lots of small cards before making pushes to turn them each into huge threats on your last few turns—an underdog story for sure.

8/10 Stun/Control

Sample Decklist
ElektraThe HoodAngela
Spider-ManBlue MarvelDoctor Doom

This deck is a little different than the ones mentioned before. It doesn't strategize around a singular card and instead ops to use several floodgates (cards that stop your opponent from performing certain actions) and cards that can manipulate the locations themselves.

The deck uses the iconic Spider-Man to prevent your opponent from playing cards at his location, Enchantress to remove ongoing abilities from her location and Storm to flood the location and put a timer on it. This deck also uses swarming cards such as Dr. Doom and Debrii to ensure you have enough power to control enough locations and not just prevent your opponents' plays.

7/10 Wong On Reveal

Sample Decklist
Ebony MawBlack WidowCarnage
Green GoblinIronheartWong
White TigerAmerica ChavezOdin

Speaking of on-reveal effects, one of the best support cards for this archetype is Wong himself. This man is beloved due to his appearances in the cinematic universe and is a potent card in the game as well.

Wong has an ongoing effect that triggers your on-reveal effects twice at its location. This, combined with strong on-reveal effects such as Iron Heart, White Tiger, and Scorpion, makes the deck incredibly versatile and competent with not that complicated of a game plan.

6/10 Lockjaw On Reveal

Sample Decklist
Green GoblinLockjawThor
WaveJubileeJane Foster
Doctor DoomMagnetoOdin

Lockjaw is one of the best cards to use if you plan to cheat out your big cards for little cost. To get the most benefit from this, you should use lots of high-cost cards with the most powerful on-reveal effects in your collection.

The cards you're trying to cheat out onto the playfield would ideally include fan favorites such as Dr. Doom, Magneto, Odin, and more. With some supplementary cards that either let you play cards from your deck or debuff your opponent's side, this strategy is extremely dangerous if your opponent is unprepared.

5/10 Deathpool

Sample Decklist
DeadpoolNovaThe Hood
Bucky BarnesCarnageDeathlok
Hulk BusterKillmongerVenom

Deathpool is a deck named after the two cards representing what it does. On the cheap end, we have Deadpool, who is a 1/1; on the upper end, we have Death, who is a 9/12. The deck uses cards that benefit from being destroyed and mainly tries to bust Deadpool to incredible heights and finish the game on a Deadpool with tons of power.

Since the leading two players of the deck benefit from having your cards destroyed, it makes sense that the list also includes some cards with this destruction affects. Characters such as Carnage, Deathlok, and Killmonger fit perfectly in this list of death-loving characters.

4/10 Zero With Bad Effects

Sample Decklist
MaximusVenomTyphoid Mary
Red SkullSeraTaskmaster

While Marvel Snap uses high costs on strong cards as a way of balancing the game, another way they do so is by giving very cheap but strong cards negative effects. However, there's Zero, which is a 1/3 that removes the abilities of the next card play.

This ultimately turns the adverse effects that balance cards on their head and gives you the ability to use stronger heroes and villains without worrying about their drawbacks. Some synergistic cards would be Red Skull, Maximus, and Lizard.

3/10 Patriot No Effect

Sample Decklist
WaspMisty KnightSquirrel Girl
Mister SinisterShockerDebrii
Blue MarvelOnslaughtUltron

As a card, Patriot may not seem too impactful when looked at in a vacuum. However, when you consider how many cards without effects have decent stats for their costs, using Patriot in a deck with lots of vanilla cards becomes very beneficial.

While the core is Patriot and lots of vanillas, due to the deck's costs and swarming capabilities, it has some incidental synergies as well. Cards like Kazar and Blue Marvel fit this deck nicely. The deck could be named after its power cards, such as Blue Marvel, but using Patriot as the linchpin makes it a unique strategy, different than similar swarm decks.

2/10 Destruction Synergy

Sample Decklist
NovaThe HoodArmor
Bucky BarnesCarnageColossus
DeathlokGreen GoblinKillmonger

Destruction, or removal as it's referred to in many card games, is rare in Marvel Snap. However, destroyer, the namesake of this deck, has the on-reveal effect of destroying all your other cards when it is revealed.

While that may seem detrimental to winning the game, when combined with cards that are either immune to destruction or benefit from it, this becomes a very reliable strategy. If you plan on going for a destruction synergy, some cards to look out for would include Bucky Barnes and Killmonger from Pool 2.

1/10 Sera Miracle

Sample Decklist
Sample Decklist
Ant-ManAngelaColleen Wing
MojoMysterioScarlet Witch
Star LordBishopMaximus
DraculaSeraAmerica Chavez

Sera, the namesake of this deck, has little competition in terms of being one of the best in the current meta. She's a 5/5 and has the fantastic effect of lowering the cost of cards in your hand by one.

Therefore, the deck can summon many 2-cost cards as if they were 1-cost. In this deck, you could use many powerful cards, such as Mysterio, Star Lord, Bishop, and Angela. While Sera is the glue that keeps the deck together, other strong cards like America Chavez also manage to find a place on this list.

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