Marvel’s Avengers: All Iconic Mission Chains And Costumes

There are a ton of different types of missions, challenges, and activities in Marvel’s Avengers, and at times it can get a little difficult trying to keep them all straight. Mission chains are a special type of quest you will want to complete for the awesome iconic skins and costumes they unlock for each main character.

Once you have reassembled the team in Marvel’s Avengers, you will come to a point where you will unlock special missions called mission chains for each individual character. These are little questlines that are specific for each Avenger, either fleshing out some more of their story, giving them special objectives to complete, or both. You’ll need to complete the entire mission chain as that character to unlock the unique “Iconic” skin that are sure to resonate with fans of the original comics. Here’s what each mission chain entails for all six Avengers.

How To Unlock All Iconic Skins In Marvel’s Avengers

While some characters will have specific missions you need to play in order to progress their mission chain, nearly all of them also have what are called global mission objectives. These can be done in any mission at any time, including in HARM room training simulations, as long as you’re playing as that character.

Iron Man Mission Chain

Iron man can get his unique cosmetics through global mission objectives, and unfortunately has no unique story related missions. Even his iconic armor is obtained through the main campaign, so these are just bonuses.

  • Global Mission Objectives
    • Use the Unibeam eight times.
    • Defeat 16 enemies with Repulsor headshots.
    • Collect three optic decoders L from riotbots.
    • Defeat one Dreadbot

    The Hulk Mission Chain

    Hulk gets more love with a bit of extra story revolving around his ex Monica Rappacini, who has stolen some of his research.

    • Complete the mission Condition: Green
    • Global Mission Objectives
      • Defeat 12 enemies using power attacks.
      • Deal over 10,000 cumulative rage damage.

      Ms Marvel Mission Chain

      Being the star of the entire campaign, it makes a little more sense that Ms Marvel doesn’t get any additional story through her mission chain. Still, you’ll need to complete these challenges to get that new iconic skin.

      • Complete all Ms Marvel HARM training rooms.
      • Global Mission Objectives.
        • Complete the campaign.
        • Earn 1,000 Inhuman Alliance faction XP by completing Inhuman Alliance Assignments.
        • Deal 30,000 cumulative Polymorph damage.
        • Defeat 20 enemies while Embiggened.

        Black Widow Mission Chain

        Black Widow’s missions focus on doing what she does best, being a spy. You’ll be helping rescue scientists with AIM to come over and help the resistance.

        • Complete the mission Along Came a Spider.
        • Complete Black Widow’s HARM training rooms.
        • Complete the mission Up From the Depths.

        Captain America Mission Chain

        Cap’s job as the face of the Avengers flows into his missions to inspire the citizens to rise up against AIM, as well as bolster your relationship with the different factions.

        • Complete the mission Rockets’ Red Glare
        • Global Mission Objectives
          • Perform five Rally Cries.
          • Block 25 attacks with the shield.
          • Earn 500 SHIELD faction XP by completing SHIELD assignments.
          • Earn 500 Inhuman Alliance faction XP by completing Inhuman Alliance Assignments.

          Thor Mission Chain

          In the most bizarre mission chain, Thor is after a doppelganger that shares his appearance and powers.

          • Complete the mission Mistaken Identity.
          • Global Mission Objectives.
            • Defeat 25 enemies with Shock attacks.
            • Deal 500,000 cumulative Odinforce damage.

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