Marvel’s Avengers Has Added Fan Requested Captain America/Iron Man Team Attack

Marvel’s Avengers has added a new team attack that was requested by the fan community, allowing Captain America to bounce Iron Man’s beams off his shield and into enemies.

The superhero team in Marvel’s Avengers is close to the one seen in the first MCU Avenger’s movie, with Hawkeye switched out for Ms. Marvel (though Hawkeye is coming further down the line). The first mission involves an event called A-Day, where a Terrigan bomb is detonated near San Francisco, killing numerous people, including Captain America. Everyone predicted that Captain America wouldn’t stay dead, as he was prominently featured in the promotional material for the game. When Marvel’s Avengers was finally released, it was revealed that he was imprisoned on a satellite. Iron Man frees Captain America, and he joins the team for the rest of the game.

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Captain America has received an upgrade in the latest update for Marvel’s Avengers. According to the PlayAvengers Twitter page, Captain America can now reflect beams off his shield when blocking. This can be used in tandem with Iron Man’s Unibeam to strike enemies, gaining a buff to damage.

Captain America’s move set is heavily based on using his shield to block and batter enemies. He can also bounce it into foes and have it fly back like a boomerang. Captain America’s shield is almost indestructible and it’s made from shockproof materials. As such, he has often reflected Iron Man’s beam attacks in various forms of media, including the MCU. The fans of Marvel’s Avengers (however many are left) wanted to see it included in the game and Crystal Dynamics was happy to oblige.

Marvel’s Avengers is a live service game, which means that it’s due to receive new content for years to come. This will come in the form of skins, characters, and missions. The developers are also interested in adding to the repertoire of the existing roster, which means that we might see the other members of the Avengers gain new special attacks in the future.

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